Electrical Maintenance Supervisor
Vidor, TX Melt Shop

Great new opportunity for Electrical Maintenance Supervisor! This position oversees the Melt Shop Electrical maintenance department, reports to the Melt Shop Superintendent. Plan and direct safety, work, and training for all assigned employees.

Responsible for supervision of electrical maintenance personnel engaged in electrical maintenance, repair, and servicing of all existing equipment and facilities in rolling mill finishing and shipping at Beaumont Mill location.

The Melt Shop Electrical Maintenance Supervisor is primarily responsible for the supervision of melt shop electrical maintenance personnel engaged in breakdown, rebuild and preventive maintenance programs to minimize production downtime due to equipment failure.  This position reports to the General Supervisor, Melt Shop maintenance.  Reporting to the incumbent are approximately 12 hourly skilled electrical maintenance employees.

The incumbent is responsible for maintenance and installation of Furnance, Refractories, Casting, cranes, and other service equipment.

The incumbent is responsible for implementing and setting priorities for preventive maintenance programs which includes motor greasing, brush replacement and maintenance, cooling & filter maintenance, cycle out motors for cleaning, greasing and bearing replacement.  Also has responsibility to troubleshoot and repair electronic systems including PLC’s and instrumentation.

Incumbent is responsible for subordinate selection, training, evaluation, discipline, motivation and safety.  Accountable for employee compliance with established safety procedures.

Challenges for the incumbent involve minimizing production downtime by proper scheduling and planning of work.  The Maintenance Supervisor checks work in progress to insure proper maintenance is being performed, anticipates problems and investigates inadequate equipment performance and takes corrective action.

  •  This position requires formalized electrical & electronic training and from 8 to 10 years experience in heavy electrical maintenance with an extensive orientation period to the Beaumont Melt Shop equipment.
  • Qualifications for this position include a four year college degree in Engineering, Business Administration or Material Science combined with 3 to 5 years’ experience in an industrial or manufacturing environment with exposure to standardization and production quality methods.
  • Successful candidate will demonstrate a basic knowledge of the business system and the use of complex technical and engineering processes. 
  • Requires the ability to train and guide people. The incumbent should possess solid presentation abilities combined with good interpersonal and organizational skills. 
  • People management skills a must.
  • Experienced working in extreme weather conditions.