3Rd Assistant Engineer
Job Type


Our Company is searching for qualified candidates for the position of 3rd Assistant Engineer aboard our US flagged self-unloading vessels.


  • Safely manning an Engineering Watch
  • Complete tasks as assigned by the Preventative Maintenance System
  • Maintain Engine and Deck Equipment such as Air Compressors, Winches, Sewage Units, Ballast Pumps, Potable Water Pumps,      and OWS
  • Other duties assigned by the Vessel’s Chief Engineer

Why Choose Grand River Navigation?

  • As an      employee you are part of the Rand Logistics family where Teamwork and      safety are a core value
  • Highly      competitive wages and benefits
  • The best      leave system in the industry
  • We pay for      your travel to and from the vessel
  • Excellent      Health and Retirement Benefits
  • Excellent      safety record


  • Passport and allowed entry into the Canada
  • Merchant  Mariner Credential (MMC) issued by the USCG
  • Endorsement  as 3rd Assistant Engineer  of Motor Propelled Vessels Unlimited Horse Power
  • Transportation  Worker Identification (TWIC) issued by TSA
  • Excellent  communication and team work skills as well as the ability to multi-task