Radiologic Technologist*
Job Type


Position performs routine and/or special radiological procedures, including CT and Bone Density, scheduling of MRI, Mammogram, and Ultrasound procedures.


  1. Ability to multitask with all entities involved in the operation of a Radiology Department.
  2. Must be able to take after hours call in response to emergency room visits and to work variable hours, holidays and weekends.
  3. Transport patients between x-ray and the patient's room or other areas by either wheelchair or stretcher.
  4. Ability to work up patients prior to scheduled exam up to and including: printing previous reports/tech worksheets from chart, pulling order for exam, printing out demographic sheet and sending any previous exams applicable.
  5. Must have good phone etiquette with patient, coworkers and resident providers as well as outside providers.
  6. Must be able to run and trouble shoot CT Bone Density, Digital Radiography room and Portable.
  7. Check x-ray reports everyday to ensure reports attached to PACS record and that the reports have been finalized by the radiologist either thru Cerner or by looking at the report.
  8. Assist in setting up and maintaining quality control and quality assessment manuals including but not limited to: Radiology Bone Density and CT
  9. Clean equipment and room after each use, including but not limited to: xray room, CT Room, Bone Denisty and Portable. Keep work areas clean, decluttered and free of PHI.
  10. Assume or assist with responsibility for the Radiology Department in the absence of supervisor to the extent of training and capabilities.
  11. Make discs or fax reports as requested or needed by outside providers while obtaining proper authorizations when applicable.
  12. Maintain strict confidentiality of all patient related and other sensitive information obtained in the course of employment.
  13. Apply holter monitors, include all paper work with the exams and mail holter monitors to Cardiologist for interpretation once exam is complete.
  14. Learn, maintain familiarity with, and understand personal role and responsibilities in general hospital policies and procedures including, without limitation, personnel and employment policies and practices, the hospital disaster plan, the hospital risk management and quality assessment program, as well as both hospital and department specific goals and objectives. WIll demonstrate the ability to apply this knowledge in the performance of job functions.
  15. Maintain a neat and clean appearance in conformity to applicable hospital policies; practices good personal hygiene, wears the proper uniforms, name badge, and radiation badge.
  16. Help other departments, if needed, within the scope of his/her practice.
  17. Perform other duties as directed by the supervisor.


Kansas Licensure

Position requires:

-call in rotation with other staff

-cross train in CT