Software Electronics Engineer
Eindhoven, Netherlands

We are looking for a full-time Software engineer (with affinity to electronic hardware) to join our camera development team In Eindhoven on the High Tech Campus.  We are looking for a software (or HW) engineer to write USB firmware. Knowledge of the Infineon (previously Cypress) FX2, FX3 and CX3 devices is a plus. You have a good understanding of UVC (Universal Video Class) as well as Windows/Linux applications for viewing video and device drivers to control our cameras via USB. 

You are familiar with embedded hardware systems and software development for embedded systems as well as firmware development for devices. Knowledge or experience with video and/or imaging is a pre. 

Responsibilities:  Develop firmware, drivers and applications for new camera designs and vision solutions. You will work directly with the design engineering team to carry on new projects and support existing products. You will also be responsible for implementation of camera features and optimizations for video applications which may require some hardware or software debugging. You will use embedded SDKs to implement device drivers or firmware for devices like USB interfaces.



Required skills:

· BS or MS Electrical Engineering of Software Engineering.

· C for microcontrollers and embedded CPU’s

· Firmware and device drivers for USB devices.

· Solid knowledge of C++ and/or C# for building apps and test or debug tools under Windows.

· Experienced with embedded SDK’s. 

· USB2 and USB3 (protocol, firmware, drivers, UVC).

· Understanding of video and imaging basics. 

· English written and spoken.

Desirable skills:

· Ethernet

· Video over IP

· Knowledge of Twain drivers and applications for video

· Python

· Eager to Learn