Process Manager
WFH Flexible Remote Worker - N/A
Job Type

Business Title: Process Manager

Reports To: Vice President, Travel Technology

Salary Classification: Exempt       

Job Summary

This role is responsible for the design, adjustment, and integration of technical and operational processes. Tasks can be linked to industry driven changes, competitive initiatives, client requirements, technology changes, new service models, cost reduction initiatives, operational audits and more. 

This includes business requirement assessment, identification of best practice, definition and documentation of business requirements, change management, implementation and testing. This role will work closely with operations, implementations, travel technology, and program management.


  • Process management.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities Include

  • Analyze business issues, document business requirements, work to find the best solution and best practice.
  • Work with others to find opportunities for automation and cost cutting.
  • Create reports to establish and/or measure key performance indicators for human and non-human processes.
  • Create, edit, and troubleshoot mid-office routines or scripts to automate manual processes.
  • Prepare risk assessments, establishing contingency plans for risk areas.
  • Provide recommendations and solutions that consider the nature of our organization and culture as well as the relationship we have with others in the industry.
  • Facilitate effective communication as required for successful project completion.
  • Monitor and track the status of each initiative, engage appropriate resources, and escalate as needed to ensure initiative success.
  • Serve as liaison point between the account, development, and operations.
  • Facilitate effective communication as required for successful project completion.
  • Schedule and/or participate in all meetings and conference calls related to each project.
  • Ensure appropriate requirement documentation delivered and reviewed by relevant stakeholder teams.
  • Ensuring appropriate technical feasibility and compliance documentation delivered by stakeholder teams.
  • Provide support to the Operations team where appropriate.
  • Ensure complete understanding of requirements by business owners and development resources.
  • Take ownership of business model processes, both technical and operational as needed.
  • Contribute to the building of a high performance team by being an exemplar of agreed behaviors.
  • Other duties as responsibilities as assigned.

Transferable Skills

  • Ability to assimilate many viewpoints and information to get to the root cause, key requirement or customer need.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Self-directed and self-motivated.
  • Excellent organization skills with demonstrated follow-through on goals, plans and projects.
  • Ability to apply technology as an enabler to process improvement.
  • Ability to think both tactically and strategically.
  • Ability to approach difficult situations factually and without emotion.
  • Capable of identifying customer needs – listening to information, asking probing questions, applying knowledge, crafting solutions.
  • Excellent critical thinking and analytical skills.
  • Ability to work independently and within a team, developing strategies and action plans and implementing goals and objectives.
  • Demonstrated leadership.
  • Integrity, objectivity and independence, and strong attention to detail
  • High interest in improving technology value to the business.
  • Ability to respond to change and embrace diversity.
  • Professional manner and appearance.



  • Project management/implementation experience.
  • Subject matter expert in Agency Operations, Call Center principles, or Automation/Technology
  • Demonstrated competency in MS Office tools, Word, PowerPoint, Excel - Access, MS 
  • Knowledge in multiple GDS a plus.
  • Knowledge of mid-Office tools, such as SAP Compleat.
  • Experience with Global Distribution Systems (Sabre preferred).
  • Experience with Sabre Scribe.
  • Proficiency with BCD Travel products, such as TS:PM, AgentSource, TripSource, and DecisionSource.
  • Experience with Microsoft SQL server preferred.