QC Chemist

$2000 Signing Bonus


About the Company:

CORMETECH, Inc. was founded in 1989, and provides environmental engineering solutions and services to the North American and world's power, marine, industrial-process, refinery, and petrochemical markets. It is servicing the growth needs of the U.S. power generating fleet to comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations in a cost-effective way.

CORMETECH has fully dedicated, state-of-the art manufacturing facilities, research and development centers and testing laboratories in Charlotte (NC), Cleveland (TN), Durham (NC), and Kings Mountain (NC).

 All full-time employees are eligible for benefits on day one of employment!

*Signing Bonus Eligibility: New Employees hired after 7/12/22 must work for 90 days or 520 hours, whichever comes first to receive the $2000 sign-on bonus. 


This position’s main task is to support all aspects of Production Lab analyses in a fast pace environment. This includes but is not limited to receiving and analyzing samples, prioritizing workload, and reporting values according to lab procedures. The QC Chemist must be able to use and maintain highly sensitive laboratory instrumentation including ICPs, XRF, IC and other equipment. The position requires the ability to be responsible for accurately and independently preparing solutions in accordance with written specifications based on commonly used units such as weight percent, volume percent, mole percent and normality.  Both independent and teamwork will be needed to achieve target production goals.  Technician may be called upon to assist other departments as well as perform tasks in addition to the items listed herein. 

Essential Duties:

  • Follow all safety procedures and guidelines
  • Maintain good housekeeping to avoid cross contamination and ensure a safe working environment
  • Prepare and analyze samples with instruments and equipment including but not limited to ICP, XRF, IC
  • Perform maintenance and troubleshooting of instruments and equipment including but not limited to ICP, XRF, IC
  • Ensure accurate and precise measurements 
  • Read and follow procedures to maintain a consistent process within the team
  • Record and organize sample results in necessary databases then generate and distribute report(s) 
  • Prepare technical reports to inform necessary departments
  • Perform inventory control 
  • Replenish all supplies necessary and leave lab in good order to maximize job efficiency
  • Communicate with supervision upon the arrival of issues or general abnormalities
  • Prepare samples in accordance with written and verbal instructions using generally recognized good laboratory practices for maintenance of both quality and safety  

Additional Duties:

  • Special projects as assigned
  • Must be safety conscious and participate in safety observations
  • Ability to follow proper housekeeping guidelines and identify cross contamination 
  • Demonstrated ability to learn
  • Ability to prioritize and multitask responsibilities
  • High degree of organization, attention to detail, and self-motivation
  • Ability to communicate information verbally and in writing
  • Good troubleshooting skills
  • Ability to work independently and with others
  • Ability to read and follow instructions as well as record information accurately
  • Willingness to take on responsibility and cross-train between departments
  • Strong skills in MS Office products, especially Excel
  • Have ability to work flexible schedule and overtime as needed
  • Bachelor’s Degree (Chemistry preferred)
  • Prior experience with highly sensitive instrumentation such as ICP, IC, or XRF

Work Conditions:

  • This job operates in a lab environment and routinely works with solutions. Must be safety conscious at all times and handle solutions with caution.

EEO Statement

Cormetech, Inc.is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The success of Cormetech depends upon attracting, retaining, developing and promoting the most qualified people regardless of race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or veteran’s status.