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The Chief Strategy Officer is an executive position responsible for all programmatic functions of the Foundation. Focusing keenly   on the high-level impact, long-term strategy, and organizational effectiveness, the CSO leads all functions responsible for working with community interests to advance the Foundation’s mission, resulting in a highly collaborative, effective, and sophisticated change strategy. 


  • Provide leadership for Strategic Initiatives, Responsive Philanthropy, Health Policy, and Learning and Research functions, ensuring that – in design, execution, and representation – the Foundation’s work is integrated, collaborative, and aligned with its mission, values, and role. Effectively mitigate high-level risk in the design and execution of strategies
  • Work collaboratively with the board, its committees, and staff to ensure alignment and effectiveness across the organization in its policies, practices, and strategies  
  • Provide strategic leadership, innovative solutions, and broad-based knowledge to uphold the Foundation’s values, create a positive culture, and support a high-performing staff


  • The Foundation has an overarching, long-term, high-impact strategy for achieving health equity that balances responsiveness with long-term commitment, taking best advantage of the Foundation’s position for driving positive system-level changes that affect health outcomes.
  • The Foundation is effective in designing and driving change as demonstrated by the execution of multi-faceted strategies that advance systems-level changes that reduce health disparities in, with, and for communities across Missouri 
  • The Foundation has a deep understanding of the health, philanthropy, equity, and Missouri landscapes and effectively uses that knowledge to advance systems change for Missouri communities 
  • The Foundation is highly regarded as a thought-leader and trusted partner by key stakeholders across Missouri and can leverage that reputation for greater impact on the health and well-being of people and communities most in need
  • The Foundation is positioned as  a “best in class” organization in the philanthropic field as demonstrated by invitations to participate in national partnerships and opportunities to feature its work in high-quality, well-respected  publications and events. 
  • The President and CEO, Board of Directors and its committees, and executive leadership have a broad understanding of the Foundation’s strategy and continually assess new opportunities to fulfill its mission, working together to effectively engage in long-term strategic planning 
  • Risk is considered throughout the organization through application of risk frameworks appropriate to the situation


Minimum   levels of education and experience. 

Education: Master’s Degree in public health, social   work, or related discipline required 

Experience: Minimum   15 years’ experience with at least 5 at the senior leadership/executive level.   Demonstrated ability to create sophisticated, multi-faceted, systems change   strategies that reduce inequities in health outcomes


MFH is an equal opportunity employer that values diversity and strives for authentic inclusion. We seek to build a team that reflects diversity of race, socioeconomic status, national origin, color, disability, religion, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, or gender identity, and encourage candidates of all backgrounds to apply. 

MFH is committed to salary equity, and compensation will be determined based upon an independent assessment of qualifications relative to the position’s responsibilities. Please visit our website to read the Foundation’s

Salary range for the Chief Strategy Officer is: $180,000 to $230,000 

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Salary Description
Salary Range 180,000 to 230,000