Distillery and Brewery Manager
Three Oaks, MI Production
Job Type

Do you have a proven history of progressive leadership in craft beverage manufacturing environments? Are you driven to succeed, and better yet, driven to improve upon both successed and failures? Are you well-versed in organizational systems and capable of holding a team accountable for achieving established objectives?

After more than 10 years of success in the craft spirits industry, Journeyman Distillery is embarking on its next big adventure with the addition of its second distillery and its first brewery in Valparaiso, IN! The Distillery and Brewery Manager will be the key player in ensuring successful execution of all production efforts across Journeyman facilities.

Basic Function: Primarily responsible for leading all alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage production operations, optimizing safety, quality, production, and cost objectives toward ensuring timely delivery of world-class craft beverages and while exemplifying the company’s core values and core focus.

All team members must uphold and embody Journeyman’s Core Values which represent the culture, attitude, and immediate priorities ensuring our cohesion and success.  



  • Having a positive attitude that no challenge is too great
  • Understanding that goals worth pursuing are never easy; that perseverance, grit, and determination are essential to success
  • There is no substitute for grit and putting in the time and effort. Good things will come from those efforts
  • 10,000-hour rule. Malcom Gladwell: it takes 10,000 hours of intensive practice to be great


  • Excellence is a lifelong pursuit and mastery is an illusion
  • The joy is in the daily work and pursuit of excellence, not in the final destination 
  • A focus on continual improvement and doing our best


  • Treating every customer with the mindset that they are the business’s 1st ever customer
  • Treating customers with authenticity, kindness, warmth, care, friendliness; engaging, helpful and willing to offer a magical experience
  • Clean facilities
  • Being available to the customer and timely responses in any capacity
  • This mindset extends to our vendors, suppliers, partners, and especially our fellow employees
  • Never take the customer or employee for granted 
  • 362 and 59:59+ We are open to our customers 362 days a year and we set an unwavering standard of serving our customers up till the last closing second 59:59+ and beyond if needed.  


  • Taking pride and ownership in your work 
  • Engagement and active participation in your work and company activities
  • Being a positive force in the workplace; creating a culture of positivity 
  • Extending common courtesy to self, employees, vendors, and guests 
  • Being an evangelist and promoter of the company and brand 


  • Provide day-to-day leadership that drives the company to achieve and surpass financial and operational objectives set by ownership.
  • Embody and support the company’s Core Values and possess a love for high-quality distillate, beer, management, and leadership.
  • Assist key leadership in setting strategic direction, determining priorities, and decision-making.
  • Work with Controller, Distillery Production Manager, and Head Brewer in managing the budgeting process and effectively manage and monitor all the financial impacts within the production area.
  • Lead and Manage the Distillery Production Manager, Head Brewer, Lead Distiller, and Distillers to create and maintain the quality control program.
  • Lead and Manage the Maintenance Manager to assure all necessary maintenance is completed safely and in a timely manner.
  • Work with Controller, Distillery Production Manager, and Head Brewer to provide forecasting for distillery and brewery production.
  • Provide management and oversight for post-production storage (warehousing) of distilled spirits and beer.
  • Provide management and leadership to Bottling Manager.
  • Responsible for capital planning and expenditures.
  • Lead the company’s production operations and improve processes in the areas of purchasing, manufacturing, production, inventory processes and tracking, sales fulfillment, and distribution.
  • Oversee all aspects of the company’s production operations including quality control, order fulfillment, operational efficiencies, capacity optimization, margin improvement, and distributor/vendor/other partner relations.
  • Represent the company at consumer events, as needed.
  • Create, implement, and lead onsite consumer training courses.
  • Lead and manage all aspects of contract distilling.
  • Manage new manufacturing initiatives and/or existing facility improvement projects.
  • Maintain a comprehensive understanding of all stages of each facility’s production operations and internal and external supply chains.
  • Provide periodic, timely, and accurate reports and records on production conditions and performance to key leadership.
  • Create and measure production Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), driving continuous improvement.
  • Motivate and lead a high-performing team; attract, recruit, and retain top talent; provide mentorship and ongoing development to managers and supervisors.
  • Lead staff training and development initiatives.
  • Lead health and safety compliance initiatives.
  • Create, implement, and monitor checklists, process logs, written policies, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to assure necessary production processes are being completed.
  • Maintain and monitor cleaning standards in all production and warehousing areas.
  • Manage distillery and brewing byproduct discharge.


  • Must have ability to perform job functions with attention to detail, efficiency, and accuracy.
  • Must have ability to carry out detailed written or verbal instructions independently.
  • Must have good organizational and verbal communication skills.
  • Must have ability to use logical or rational thinking to solve problems.
  • Must have ability to perform intensive physical work; may be required to lift up to 150 pounds occasionally with assistance, up to 50 pounds independently and frequently and perform such activities as bending, stooping, kneeling, crouching, climbing, reaching, standing, walking, pushing, pulling, lifting and grasping for up to 10 hours without sitting.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Operations Management, Engineering, Food Science, Business Administration, or related field required. Distilling and/or brewing degree and/or coursework from an industry recognized program is helpful.
  • 5-years of experience in brewing industry with increasing responsibility and leadership.
  • 3-5 years of experience as the operational leader of a multi-department production facility producing more than 2,500 barrels per year, in a fast-paced distillery or brewery.
  • Craft beverage industry experience or comparable complexity preferred.
  • Strong working knowledge of GMP, LEAN, OSHA, HACCP, and TTB regulations.
  • Familiarity with an Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) strongly preferred.