Hotline Specialist - SafeChoice
Vancouver, WA SafeChoice Program


COVID-19 VACCINE IS REQUIRED FOR THIS ROLEIf an offer is made, a COVID-19 Vaccine series must be completed by  first day of employment. Medical and/or Religious exemptions will be assessed if needed by the applicant.Our COVID-19 Vaccine Policy can be found by clicking here on the COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement tab

Type: Fulltime 

Salary: $17.50/hr + Bilingual Differential

$1,000 Sign On Bonus

  • Triage 24/7 hotline calls to connect them with the most appropriate area of service within the SafeChoice Department, using knowledge of the department’s services and knowledge related to domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking crisis and safety needs. 
  • Answer crisis line calls, with a trauma informed lens and a professional manner.
  • Have the ability to asses participants safety needs, de-escalate, provide crisis intervention, offer community resources as well as connect to referral programs.
  • Assist high crisis calls which may be life threatening with previous training and support from the Housing and Hotline manager.
  • Screen potential calls to receive access to the Emergency Motel Voucher Program. If approved, coordinate safety plan and plan of arrival with hotel and participant. 
  • Complete Emergency Motel Voucher intakes as required and record services accurately. 
  • Work along side Housing and Hotline Manager for call staffing, hotel stay approvals, and other needs.
  • Work one weekend day and provide mobile advocacy as needed while following safety guidelines.
  • Complete data entry such as inputting call logs and referrals into the InfoNet system in a timely manner.
  • Assure that participants, staff, volunteers and community partners are treated with respect and dignity regardless of race, ethnic background, gender or socioeconomic background. 
  • Gain approval for, track, and engage in activities that meet the organization’s 1% for Social Change requirement. 
  • Think through the lens of racial equity and its intersections with poverty. Use the core principles of anti-racism and grounding those principles in all daily tasks. 
  • Incorporate the YWCA’s commitment to social justice by understanding how racism, sexism, classism and other oppressions intersect and are embedded in institutions. Seek opportunities for continued learning about racial, gender and class equity. 
  • Proactively maintain yearly domestic training requirements as required. 
  • Be present for and appropriately participate in staff meetings as required. 
  • Establish and maintain a record of impeccable dependability with regards to punctuality, following callout procedures, and adhering to the policies, practices, and guidelines set by the organization and SafeChoice. 
  • Ability to be flexible with the schedule and day-to-day tasks, and prioritize appropriately. 
  • Maintain a calm and professional demeanor while working in a high-stress and unpredictable environment, including flexibility in last minute shift coverage changes. 
  • Maintain appropriate personal/professional boundaries with participants and co-workers to maintain clear, open, and unbiased lines of communication. 
  • Be present for and appropriately participate in all program and organizational meetings as required, including taking on a leadership role in facilitating weekly Shelter Advocate Team Meetings.  

There is a strong social justice component to all positions within YWCA Clark County, requiring critical thinking through the lens of racism and intersections with poverty. Knowing the core principles of anti-racism and grounding those principles in everyday work are required job skills and core values 

Related Education 

A.A. /A.S. degree in a related field or position equivalent experience in addition to the experience requirements listed below. 

Strong problem solving skills: resourceful and able to resolve challenges while knowing when it’s time to stop and ask questions or seek additional guidance. 

Strong technological skills: effectively use common software programs (like MS Office, Excel, and PowerPoint) to fulfill position related expectations. 

Strong soft-skills: with little to no prompting, adapt work and communication style to mitigate and/or deescalate crisis, and to best support our participants. 

Related experience

  • At least six months of experience in a receptionist or customer service oriented role that involves email communication, managing a multi-line phone system, and fax machines. Bilingual is preferred. 
  • Ability to provide superior service: use active listening skills during initial and subsequent face-to face conversation with participants, staff, and community partners to ensure all relevant questions and concerns are properly addressed or routed to the correct person. 
  • Ability to empower: consistently convey an open, respectful, and solution oriented approach to addressing challenges, completing work tasks, and provide positive and constructive feedback to internal and external persons. 
  • Ability to maintain strong boundaries: maintain strong personal/professional boundaries at all time to make sure that work is spent supporting the participants and furthering the mission of the program and organization. 
  • Ability to adapt: the only constant is change – expecting and being open to change is a critical part of this position and is a necessary component of being in a service oriented field. 
  • Strong technological skills: effectively use common software programs (like MS Office, Excel, and PowerPoint) to fulfill position related expectations. 
  • Strong history of dependability: arrive on time at work every day; promptly communicate with your supervisor about any last minute schedule changes due to illness and provide at least a months' notice before scheduling any vacation or prolonged personal time off.
  • At least six months experience providing empowerment based advocacy, preferably domestic violence advocacy to at risk populations. 
  • One or more years with families and children who are experiencing domestic violence and homelessness. 

Required Knowledge 

  • Understanding of intersecting oppressions, empowerment, and the dynamics of domestic violence. 
  • Proficient in MS Office products. 
Salary Description
Pay Range: $17.50 - 18.50 + $1000 Sign on Bonus