Cosmetology Instructor / Instructor in Training
Job Type

Summary of Responsibilities:

  • Maintain fun, energetic environment
  • Learn the designated curriculum including assisting with students and guests when working in the salon or spa area.
  • Follow all State Board of Cosmetology rules and regulations.
  • Learn the Master Educator training materials and test with the Director of Education weekly.
  • Attend all classes required to become an EFA Learning Leader.
  • Learn EFA policies, procedures, student catalog, and enforce zero tolerance.
  • Meet class at specified time/date and participate with the class for the entire period.
  • Be fully prepared for class daily and assist the Learning Leader in preparation of materials and visual aides. Classroom organization is essential for a successful Learning Leader.
  • Be a team player in assisting in the organization of daily “Lightening Rounds”
  • Learn the Prosper U system and test-out during training period.
  • When assisting students with clients in the student salon area, be thorough, consistent, and follow all guidelines.
  • Assist Learning Leaders in entering grades, attendance, etc.
  • All communication including comments and evaluations with students should be phrased in a positive manner.
  • Assist students in developing work behaviors which will make them effective employees in the classroom and salon area.
  • Assist with organizing, inventory and restocking classrooms, color bar, and spa areas.
  • When working in the spa area, students are to be observed and assisted when needed.
  • Various office duties including, filing, organizing, and making copies.

Essential Functions:

Always look the part of a professional. Hair fixed, make-up applied, stylish clothing. Represent the Academy in a professional, stylish manner. Appearance is key!

  • Regular, reliable attendance
  • Support a dynamic, upbeat, enthusiastic atmosphere where learning is fun and all students are supported equally.
  • Learn and follow through with the stated Mission, Vision, Core Values and Strategic Vision of Eric Fisher Academy, in accordance with the policies as stated in the Student Catalog.
  • Maintain high standards for the Academy
  • Open, honest communication with an upbeat, positive attitude.

This job description does not list all the duties of the job. You may be asked by supervisors or managers to perform other instructions and duties. You will be evaluated in part based upon your performance of the tasks listed in this job description.


Job Qualifications:

  • Requires a current Cosmetology or Esthetics License
  • Professionalism with students, co-workers and EFA guests
  • Ability to meet goals, objectives and deadlines
  • Ability to stand and walk for long periods of time
  • Ability to read, write and communicate clearly in English
  • Ability to use all general office equipment, including a computer

Salary Description
$12/hour while training, $18/hour after licensed