Mechanical Engineer
Farmington, UT Engineering
Job Type

The Engineer is responsible for providing engineering analysis, providing mechanical design services and implementing sound technical solutions for various company projects. The Engineer is responsible for engineering duties and work associated with the planning, research, design, development, erection, repairs, refurbishment, modification, and/or the construction of amusement rides or devices, in accordance with recognized national codes, industry standards and Company policies and procedures. Work duties will also include engineering assignments dealing with various other company facilities and equipment given by management. 



  • The Engineer will apply diverse experience in and knowledge of engineering principles and practices in broad, multi-disciplined environments and must be qualified and able to make mid to high-level technical decisions that affect product outcome independent of management.
  • The Engineer must have a working knowledge of engineering disciplines including: systems engineering, mechanical system design, machine and mechanism design, structural design, safety related control system design, safety related control system software development, hydraulic and pneumatics system design, and hazard risk analysis.
  • The Engineer must be competent in the ability to produce solid model parts and assemblies using Autodesk Inventor and Autodesk AutoCAD software. The Engineer must be able to produce shop drawings including fabrication drawings, construction drawings, and/or machine shop drawings.
  • The Engineer must be competent in stress/strain analysis and be competent in finite element analysis (FEA) using FEMAP software.
  • The Engineer must be able to use project and construction collaboration software such as Autodesk BIM 360, ProCore, and Trimble Connect.
  • The Engineer will maintain professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; participating in professional societies.
  • The Engineer will make decisions and recommendations that are recognized as authoritative and have important impact on extensive engineering activities.
  • The Engineer must be able to work without supervision but must be able to integrate input from many individuals or stakeholders and work as a team.
  • The Engineer must work as a team leader and maintain a high level of professional conduct.
  • The Engineer must be self-motivated and be able to meet goals and deadlines.
  • The Engineer must be able to communicate technical concepts in writing as well as be able to orally communicate drawings and/or complex issues to non-technical peers and management.
  • The Engineer will be responsible for following through on all design from concept to successful operation and turnover.
  • The Engineer will supervise contractor, vendor, or manufacturer design activities and resolve any technical conflicts.
  • The Engineer will verify that all rides, attractions, and/or devices meet or exceed design assumptions and ensure they will meet the safety, reliability, and capacity level in accordance with company standards and procedures.
  • The Engineer will demonstrate and practice creativity, foresight, and experienced engineering judgment in anticipating and solving unexpected problems, program objectives and requirements, developing standards and guides for diverse engineering activities.
  • The Engineer will be working around high noise levels resulting from amusement rides and various equipment. The Engineer must be able to remain focused on the job while dealing with interruptions from guests and/or other employee contact.
  • The Engineer will act as a safety officer by looking for and correcting any unsafe working conditions that may exist; instilling a voluntary safety conscious attitude among co-workers; positively reinforcing any request from safety and security or other concerned parties with regards to safety; insuring that all Company employees conform to company safety guidelines.
  • The Engineer must be familiar with regulatory agencies such as the Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Consumer Product Safety Commission, as well as non-regulatory agencies such as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). These agencies have published codes and standards which must be implemented by the Engineer as part of the company’s policies and procedures.
  • The Engineer must be familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act and standards found within.
  • The Engineer must monitor and respond to inappropriate guest and/or employee behavior, including enforcing rules and restrictions, regulating employees’ or guests’ actions, and requesting assistance from Security if necessary. The Engineer must exhibit a high degree of motivation toward providing guest satisfaction by displaying a friendly approach to serving guests. In addition, the Engineer must be able to deal with many guests and park employees each day in a positive and friendly manner and to resolve any guest or other department problems, complaints, and/or grievances in an efficient and friendly manner.
  • During training periods, the Engineer must be able to read and assimilate information provided in the Art and Sign Shop Manual, the Seasonal Employee Handbook, and the Lagoon Policies and Procedures Manual, as well as comprehend verbal instructions from trainers.
  • The Engineer must be willing to conform to Lagoon’s grooming and personal hygiene requirements and wear the proper issued uniform. A neat, clean, professional appearance is required at all times.
  • nicThe Engineer must be willing and able to perform all other job duties and assignments as assigned by management.