Principal Engineer
Minneapolis, MN Engineering
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New Wave Design is looking for a Principal Electrical Design Engineer to join our engineering team to create innovative high-performance networking systems and products based on our high-bandwidth, low latency programmable network interface cards.

The ideal candidate will have a degree in electrical engineering, and an interest in developing high-performance networking products. The candidate should have strong problem solving and communication skills, and a passion to learn and grow as an engineer, independently and as part of a team.

The Principal Engineer position is responsible for design and development of products that assure overall system performance and reliability meet project goals. The Principal Engineer has a thorough understanding of engineering principles and is able to provide technical solutions to significantly challenging problems. This position requires close collaboration with the engineering staff and project managers. Responsibilities include working with, guiding, and supervising Lab and manufacturing Technicians and junior engineers to accomplish company goals.

Knowledge of the FPGA development process, including RTL coding (VHDL or Verilog), synthesis, timing analysis, simulation, verification, and lab test / debug is highly desired. 




A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering is required for this position. 

Required knowledge/skills:

· Architect-level design experience in high-density, high-frequency, leading-edge digital technologies and PCB design parameters and materials

· Communication protocols (e.g. PCI, PCIe, Fibre Channel, Ethernet, SCSI, I2C, AXI, DDR)

· Schematic capture

· PCB layout guidance

· High Frequency Signal Integrity simulation

· General lab equipment operation (DMM, oscilloscope, logic & bus analyzers, device programmers)

· Hardware circuits including FPGAs, DACs, ADCs, microprocessors, memories, DSPs, linear and switching voltage regulators

· Technical documentation development


Desired knowledge/skills:

· FPGA/CPLD logic design, synthesis and simulation

· HDL coding (VHDL, Verilog, System Verilog)

· FPGA tools (Xilinx, Altera, Microsemi)

· Simulation tools (e.g. ModelSim)

· Timing analysis

· Familiarity with advanced verification techniques such as coverage driven testing, assertions, and formal verification.

· Experience with the decomposition, traceability, and verification of digital design requirements

· Strong verbal and written communication skills; ability to articulate and present ideas internally/externally

· Experience with Cadence Allegro design tools

· Previous project leadership a plus


· Develop and analyze system requirements.

· Architect, design, and guide development of cutting-edge, digital products and systems. 

· Create documentation including requirement specifications, test protocols, reports, ECOs.

· Define and support internal and external environmental testing.

· Lead or participate in peer and cross-functional reviews.

· Coordinate with suppliers and customers (internal and external).

· Resolve product integration issues and production anomalies.

· Research advanced digital technologies for potential application to company business needs.