Assurance (Audit) Intern

Take a step forward. Your life after graduation awaits.

You’ve spent time in school in various accounting classes, but how does this knowledge apply to the working world? What type of firm do you want to be with? Where is the right fit for you as you map out the next steps in your accounting career?

An internship is one of the best tools for you to gain this experience and align your values and personality with the culture of the firm you choose.  At Smith Leonard, we rely strongly on our internships to fuel our next generation of associates. As such, you are treated like a staff member and given work similar to what you would do as a first year staff. This approach provides a strong internship experience that should leave you prepared for the next steps (and better prepared for your upcoming classes), comfortable for that first day on the job after graduation, and confident that you truly know what working life at Smith Leonard would be. You are part of the Smith Leonard family, so transitioning into the working world should be easy and natural.

So what does the day to day of a Smith Leonard internship look like?

Whether it’s a spring or summer internship (we offer both), you will work and learn side-by-side with experienced team members from day one; and further, you will communicate directly with clients. While you are given training in the first few days and weeks as you begin your internship experience, we feel the best way to learn is by doing.  Because we believe the best learning environment for our interns is in person, we only offer in office internship opportunities.  Our interns must be able to work in the office on a daily basis.  

Audit Internship

For 10 weeks, you will be out on client engagements with a team that will range from staff to partner. You will work alongside this team to learn about each client’s business and to begin to touch multiple portions of an audit, including certain sections where you will take ownership. You will grow week to week in your knowledge and confidence, including having the ability to interact with key client leadership, including the controller, CFO, or even CEO of the organization. Of course travel will be part of this experience (including the fun restaurants and traditions you will discover in the field) although most of our clients are within a few hours radius of the Triad, so you are never too far away from home.

Our goal is that you evolve and grow throughout the 10 weeks. We help facilitate this growth by giving you different experiences, increased responsibility as you learn, and weekly feedback so you know where you excel and where you need to grow. Ultimately, we want this experience to result in a full-time offer, so we encourage our interns to make the most of their internship and take it as seriously as you would the first day on a full time job.


But wait, there’s more…

While you certainly will grow technically with our firm during your internship, the often unspoken benefit of this time is the ability to connect with your coworkers and envision what a life would look like with our firm. Part of this process for us is socializing and getting to know each other.  Whether it’s during a lunch out at our favorite local Mexican restaurant, over one of the many catered-in lunches or dinners the firm provides, while out at a client and discovering the traditions of the audit team when they visit a particular area, or by following a few of our tax folks to the hidden gems for lunch in Archdale, you will have a good time and will leave this internship knowing your coworkers well beyond the work product they produce.

About Us

Smith Leonard is a growth-minded, regional CPA firm with offices in High Point, Winston-Salem, and Lexington, NC. We’ve discovered that public accounting is not a one-size fits all proposition. Different firms offer varying experiences, culture and work environment. Smith Leonard is proud to be a firm that offers an approachable, yet professional culture with great work/life balance, including remote or virtual options and 1/2 day Fridays in the summer. We are consistently rated one of the “Best Firms to Work For” by Accounting Today in their annual employee survey and are one of their 2021 Top Regional Firms. Our team is empowered and energized by the autonomy of local decision-making and community impact, but our affiliation as a BDO Alliance firm gives us access to scalability and far superior technical resources than you would expect from a firm that can also provide top-notch local customer service. Our daily work benefits include flexible schedules and dress for your day every day. We offer a casual, approachable environment for our team while delivering professional-level service to our clients and community.