Logistics Coordinator


The Logistics Coordinator will coordinate all communications for the logistics department. The Logistics Coordinator will also take the role of liaison between the client, client services, and logistics departments.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Oversee and manage incoming orders for logistics component need
  • Assist Sales and Client Services with pricing for quoting of shipping costs
  • Manage all incoming communication to logistics and manage necessary task related activities
  • Manage international “paperwork” including, permitting, customs documentation, courier documentation
  • Communication updates to Sales and Client Services personnel with regard to shipping statuses

Additional Duties and Responsibilities

  • Backup for packaging
  • Backup for domestic “paperwork” 



  • Education: A high school diploma is required. College preferred. 
  • Language Skills: The Logistics Coordinator must be fluent in English and possess excellent oral and written communication      skills. All written communications should be grammatically correct without spelling errors. 
  • Mathematics Skills: A basic understanding of arithmetic and elementary algebra, such as calculation of percentages and the creation      and interpretation of simple graphs, is required. 
  • Computer Skills: The Logistics Coordinator must be able to search the internet independently to find necessary information to perform their job functionality. 
  • Experience with IATA guidelines, USDA/APHIS Regulations is a plus.
  • The Logistics Coordinator must become completely proficient in the use of NetSuite functions related to ABS’  logistics protocols.
  • Basic proficiency in Microsoft Word, Microsoft      Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint is also required.