Chief Pilot
Job Type

Reports to: Director of Operations

Basic Function: Supervision of pilots including pilot scheduling, training, personnel problems, counseling, and assuming the duties and responsibilities of the Director of Operations in his/her absence, if assigned. 

  • Coordinating with the Director of Operations to establish and adhere to appropriate training requirements, revisions, and scheduling
  • Liaison with Flight Training and Standards Department concerning all required training 
  • Educated on the contents of the Flight Operations Manual, CFRs, AIM
  • Participating in interviewing, hiring, and discipline of crewmembers. Additionally, responsible for the annual review of all crewmembers
  • Attending industry meetings as appropriate
  • Administering all position, equipment, and payroll changes as appropriate to Flight Crewmembers
  • Acting as a pilot as required to maintain proficiency. Act as an instructor/check airman, if required
  • Participating in Flight Operations Evaluation Board (FOEB) meetings regarding each specific aircraft type
  • Ensuring that all company pilots assigned to the specific aircraft conform to standards as outlined in the applicable CFRs and company policies and receive appropriate training and check-rides as required by the CFRs, the FAA, and the company
  • Issuing operational notices.
  • Ensuring proper distribution of all required charts, publications, and Aircraft Flight Manuals to flight crewmembers.
  • Available as "on-call" management pilot for ferry flight authorizations, operation questions, etc. 
  • Communication to all crewmembers the standards and requirements of their position.
  • Coordinating with the Director of Operations in the development of Standard Operating Procedures regarding specific aircraft
  • Ensuring and maintaining a regular and high level of communication with the Director of Operations and staff
  • Will assume the duties and responsibilities of the Director of Operations in his / her absence, if assigned
  • Participating as a Team Member to organize and develop new business opportunities
  • Investigating reports of violations of regulations or policies and making appropriate recommendations to the Director of Operations. Coordinating information and activity regarding violations of Federal Aviation Regulations with the FAA Principal Inspector
  • Exercising Operational Control 
  • Ability to pass FAA Background Check, Pre-Employment and Random Drug Testing
Salary Description
$100k - $110k