Frightmares Fright Cast- Haunted Attraction Performer (14/15 Year Old Applicants)
Farmington, UT Frightmares

The Frightmares Performer will depict an assigned character role in Lagoon’s Frightmares Haunted Attractions using their voices, appearances, bodies, gestures, and props in accordance with Lagoon’s policies and procedures.

This position is seasonal. Seasonal employees perform their work at certain seasons and periods of the year. Their work, by its nature, is not continuous nor is it carried on throughout the year. A seasonal employee who is employed at the conclusion of the season will be terminated.

  • Able to stand and/or walk for up to eight (8) hours.
  • Requires late night departures.
  • Frightmares performers must perform specific acting duties each shift and must perform with a consistent high level of energy, commitment, and enthusiasm.
  • Frightmares Performers must be flexible to act or perform different character roles and/or in different Frightmares attractions and must be knowledgeable of all requirements and functions in each attraction.
Salary Description
$8.50 (14/15) $12.00 (16+)