Manager of ILS - ILS


COVID-19 VACCINE IS REQUIRED FOR THIS ROLEIf an offer is made, a COVID-19 Vaccine series must be completed by  first day of employment. Medical and/or Religious exemptions will be assessed if needed by the applicant.Our COVID-19 Vaccine Policy can be found by clicking here on the COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement tab

Type: Fulltime (40 hours) 

Salary: $25.00/hr

$1,000 Sign On Bonus

  • Assure that participants, staff, volunteers and community partners are treated with respect and dignity regardless of race, ethnic background, gender or socioeconomic background.
  • Gain approval for, track, and engage in activities that meet the organization’s 1% for Social Change requirement.
  • Think through the lens of racial equity and its intersections with poverty. Use the core principles of anti-racism and grounding those principles in all daily tasks.
  • Incorporate the YWCA’s commitment to social justice by understanding how racism, sexism, classism and other oppressions intersect and are embedded in institutions. Seek opportunities for continued learning about racial, gender and class equity.
  • Work with external community partners such as the funders, and contractors to maintain program goals and positive reputation. 
  • Provide effective coaching and support to all staff to ensure all aspects of the program remain dedicated to serving at-risk youth and supporting YWCA Clark County’s mission. 
  • In conjunction with the Director of Programs and Director of Accounting, manage and track program budget, expenses and needs.
  • Personally manage a small case load of active youth to ensure ILS contract compliance and as directed by the Director of Programs. 
  • Assist and support ILS employee(s) with their case load to ensure available resources, time, and skills are used in a way that best supports the need of the program, youth, and organization. 
  • Pro-actively and appropriately prioritize work load in a manner that best supports the needs of the program. 
  • As appropriate and on an as needed basis, communicate professional development, program, and personnel related needs, successes, and challenges to the Director of Programs, Director of Human Resources, and Executive Director in a timely, professional, and core-value aligned manner. 
  • Respond to staff, volunteer, supervisor, and community partner requests in a timely, respectful, and appropriate manner at all times. 
  • Establish and maintain positive and effective professional relationships with all YWCA Clark County staff, management team members, Board members, and community partners. 
  • Be prepared for and present during all ILS and YWCA Clark County meetings which include, but are not necessarily limited to, ILS staff meetings, community partner meetings, All-Staff meetings, and management team meetings, and performance evaluation meetings. 
  • Work with the Director of Volunteer Development to establish and maintain an efficient and strong volunteer base. 
  • In conjunction with the Director of Human Resources, schedule, write, and facilitate performance evaluations annually or on an as needed basis. 
  • Work with the Director of Programs and Director of Human Resources to ensure the strengths and growth opportunities of each staff member are balanced in a way that supports and improves the ILS team and program.
  • Provide leadership and direction to program staff, ensuring YWCA’s commitment to racial and gender justice is embedded in program decisions and operations. 
  • Ensure that YWCA’s mission and values are reflected in the hiring process for new program staff, including evaluating candidates’ ability to advance racial and gender justice in their work.

There is a strong social justice component to all positions within YWCA Clark County, requiring critical thinking through the lens of racism and intersections with poverty. Knowing the core principles of anti-racism and grounding those principles in everyday work are required job skills and core values

Related education: BS/BA degree in a related field or possess equivalent experience or combination of education and experience. 

Related experience: 

  • Two-three years providing effective coaching, guidance, and supervision to a large group of employees and/or volunteers. 
  • Two-three years working with at-risk youth, preferably within a social services organization. 

Strong ability to lead: supervisors make sure the day-to-day work gets done; leaders do so while strategically motivating staff and volunteers to improve performance and in a manner that furthers the mission of the organization. 

Ability to achieve greatness: good employees make sure the day-to-day work gets done; great employees do so while in a way that fosters communication within their program and their own professional growth. 

Ability to empower: consistently convey an open, respectful, and solution oriented approach to addressing challenges, completing work tasks, and provide positive and constructive feedback to internal and external persons. 

Ability to work in a team: modify the way you address a challenge if doing so is in the best interest of your team, the program, and the organization. 

Ability to work at a higher level: put the needs of the staff, volunteers, program, and organization above personal needs and demonstrate unwavering integrity and accountability. 

Ability to maintain strong boundaries: work time is spent on furthering the mission of the program and organization 

Strong project management skills: maintain a strategic focus while simultaneously managing multiple projects, deadlines, goals, and program needs. 

Strong problem solving skills: resourceful and able to resolve challenges while knowing when it’s time to stop and ask questions or seek additional guidance. 

Strong technological skills: effectively use common software programs (like MS Office, Excel, and PowerPoint) to fulfill position related expectations. 

Strong soft-skills: adapt work and communication style to mitigate unnecessary tension, improve efficiency, increase morale, and make programmatic improvements with little or no prompting.

Salary Description
25.00/hr + $1000 Sign on Bonus