Assistant Distiller
Baltimore, MD Operations
Job Type



We are looking for a highly-motivated individual with some experience as a distiller, brewer, or wine maker who can work well independently and in a team environment. The individual should have a passion for the art and science of making distilled spirits. 


Scope of Position but not limited to: 

Production process, from grain selection all the way to the barrel:

  • Grain – Receive grain trucks of corn, rye, barley; ensuring proper quality prior to acceptance
  • Milling – ensuring proper grind size and quantity for each grain type and recipe
  • Mashing – operate the cooker to produce a consistent, quality mash
  • Distilling – operate column still with two doublers and operate pot still
  • Blending – precise calculation, measurement, and process control in spirit blending
  • Proofing – precise calculation, measurement, and process control for bottling and barreling
  • Record keeping – maintain precise production logs of every process operation
  • Cleaning and sanitizing - all equipment and production work spaces
  • Maintenance of production equipment in conjunction with maintenance manager and Distillers
  • Comfortable with professional interaction with public and private guests 


  • Strong problem solving skills and ability to trouble shoot 
  • Enjoys working with hands, mechanical background
  • Detail-oriented, analytically competent, and proficient in Microsoft Excel
  • Ability to multi-task 
  • Hard working, humble, and thrives in a team environment