Board Seat: Public Member
Fully Remote


Term: 4 years (maximum of two consecutive terms)

Elected Director representing the public and EMS consumer perspective


Position Description

The Public member of the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians Board member position serves a specific purpose, which is to represent the consumer of EMS services. This Board member  possesses all rights and privileges, including holding office and serving on committees. The public member should bring a perspective to the decision and policy-making of the National Registry that is different from that of Board members with EMS backgrounds and should help to balance the organization’s role in protecting the public while advancing the interests of the profession. 

In addition, the Public member of the Board of Directors is responsible for the oversight, strategic planning, policy development and financial well-being of the National Registry and shall include the following responsibilities: 

- Review and understand National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians bylaws and policies

- Learn and understand National Registry governance and follow the policies as noted

- Serve as a resource to the staff and other board members

- Serve on committees of the Board of Directors (i.e. Certification or Finance)

- Always represent the organization in a positive and supportive manner

- Attend and actively participate in all Board meetings and assigned committee meetings

- Come prepared for all meetings including reading materials and engage in all discussions and decisions

- Review and respond to all action and information requests from the organization

- Provide input and vote on Board decisions

- Observe parliamentary procedures in all meetings

- Display professional conduct in all board meetings

- Support all actions taken by the board, even when representing a minority perspective

- Sign and abide by the Conflict of Interest statement and policy

- Demonstrate a commitment to board responsibilities and the EMS community

- Perform tasks as assigned by the Chair and or Board of Directors

Board members have fiduciary responsibility to the National Registry and must exercise their duties of care, loyalty and obedience in all National Registry related business. Board members are independent members of the National Registry Board and must be cognizant of recognizing any potential conflicts of interests (whether real or perceived) to ensure that all decisions are made in the best interest of the National Registry. Although board members bring varied talent and expertise, they do not represent the interest of any other organization/stakeholder. 

While debates and deliberations are necessary to ensure thoughtful and careful policies are made, Board members are expected to support final decisions made by the Board. In addition, confidential material shared with board members must remain strictly confidential and must not be shared with any outside party. 

Time Commitment

- Attend 2 in person board meetings each year, each typically 2 days in length and in Columbus, Ohio

- Participate in 2-4 board conference calls annually

- Serve on up to 3 committees, with at least one in-person meeting annually. Time commitment varies by committee and can range from 5-20 hours of annual meeting time depending on the committee.  Input on interest, expertise and availability is requested prior to assignment of committee membership. 

This is a volunteer, unpaid position. All travel and related expenses incurred related to National Registry Board activities will be reimbursed.


A current or previous consumer of EMS services


o Be a current or previous member of the EMS profession

o A supervisor, manager, direct co-worker, or an employee or subordinate of individuals in the EMS profession

o An employee of a Nationally Certified EMS provider or of an employer of Nationally certified EMS providers

o A person who currently receives or within the last 5 years has received income from the EMS profession