Chief Financial Officer
Rockville, MD Finance
Job Type

Overall Position Purpose:

This position exists to ensure strategic-level leadership for the Finance Division; oversee the activities of division staff, determine, and execute the activities necessary to achieve the goals of the Finance Division; and serve as a member of the Inteleos Executive Team while working closely with the other Executives, CEO/Executive Director, and governance leaderships. This position will serve as the staff liaison to the Finance and Audit Committee. The CFO will promote and support the Inteleos culture of inclusivity

Core Responsibilities

  • Lead organizational financial strategy to leverage resources to rapidly expand Inteleos around the world through market development, partnerships, mergers, acquisitions, and ecosystem building;
  • Assume maximum level of decision-making authority and associated risk for the activities of the Finance Division;
  • Accountable for strategic financial leadership, financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, revenue planning, cost management and accounting, risk management, internal controls, and internal and governance financial statement analysis;
  • Evaluate and advise on long-term organizational growth via financial planning, the launch of new products or strategies, and innovation; 
  • Serve as the CFO of the newly established Inteleos Foundation 501c(3) and execute the CFO related duties such as the annual budget, audit, and financial management of the grant and fundraising activities; 
  • Contribute to the Inteleos Executive Team as an accountable and productive member through documented executive competencies, strategic direction, and cultural awareness;
  • Lead and monitor divisional staff utilizing collaborative and consensus-building leadership techniques to promote and ensure assigned staff are receiving training, professional development, mentorship, and performance evaluation to maximize potential and investment, and create a team-oriented environment while delivering programs, workflows, and projects that are timely and accurate; 
  • Lead the annual financial audit process and respond to feedback to strengthen our financial systems, financial reporting and internal controls; 
  • Serve as primary liaison to the Inteleos Finance and Audit Committee (FAC) partnering with the Inteleos Treasurer and FAC to execute the financial and fiduciary leadership responsibilities including the annual budget, audit, investments, and reporting; 
  • Ensure organizational investment policies and objectives are met and current by working in close partnership with the Inteleos investment management firm; 
  • Evaluate company performance and develop key performance indicators (KPIs) and implement improvements to enhance organizational performance and develop new business opportunities;
  • Engage in active Merger and Acquisition activities. Work collaboratively with the Chief Business Development Officer and the Business Development Division to investigate new business and global expansion opportunities. Provide financial analysis for revenue and development costs along with identifying risks and rewards in the dynamic global markets Inteleos is pursuing;
  • Lead annual budget process and mid-year budget modification using agile methodologies to ensure Inteleos resources are being used to maximum effectiveness in a constantly changing environment. Deliver budgets to the FAC and Inteleos Board;
  • Partner with divisional leaders to build the budget and monitor monthly activity creating a strong trust-based culture between the Finance division and others;
  • Ensure compliance with all federal, state, local, and international tax regulations and reporting;
  • Oversee contract review process and the annual liability insurance renewal and relationship with the carrier;
  • Supervise the development, implementation, and maintenance of policies and procedures for the Finance Division as required by ANSI-ISO accreditation for organizational accreditation; 
  • Maintain familiarity of Inteleos staff policies, the functions of each Inteleos department and work as a positive role model and mentor/coach for all staff; and
  • Other duties as assigned.

Inteleos Attributes

  • Accountable – taking ownership of your work and delivers results. Being responsible for your actions.
  • Collegial – being helpful, respectful, approachable and team oriented. Building strong working relationships and a positive work environment. Consider the thoughts and opinions of others.  
  • Ethical/Integrity– employee is honest and trustworthy when working with colleagues, volunteers, and other stakeholders. Lead by example.
  • Committed to:
  • Creating the global standard of excellence in healthcare and patient safety
  • Excellence – Strive to excel in everything you do.
  • Quality – Taking the initiative, extra time, care and vigilance to get the job done right.
  • Continuous Learning
  • Have a Positive “Can-do” Attitude-being ready, available and willing to get the job done and done well.  

Supervisory Environment

  • Subject only to minimal review.
  • Responsible for contributing to the overall strategic direction of Inteleos to reflect the mission as established by the Board of Directors.
  • Makes decisions that have the maximum effect on the success or failure of Inteleos to meet its overall long-term objectives.
  • Serves as the final authority for the organization regarding their functional area.

Work Environment

The incumbent will work at a desk in an office environment either in the corporate office or in an approved remote setting. Evening and weekend work, and travel will be required. There are minimal requirements to lift or move equipment.


Required Education/Experience

  • Graduate Degree, Certification or equivalent in a related field;
  • MBA with finance concentration and CFA, CPA, or CNAP preferred;
  • Minimum of ten years of experience working in departmental function;
  • Minimum of five years of experience in a financial or accounting management role.

Required Qualifications/ Skills

  • Comprehensive knowledge of business and people management principles, theories and concepts, strategic planning, and resource allocation/modeling/leadership techniques;
  • Excellent experience and skills with budgeting, forecasting and financial analysis; 
  • Proficient understanding of internal and external capital models to grow and scale existing and new business opportunities;
  • Demonstrated skill effectively managing a staff team of 5-10 people (including contractors) holding accountable for performance and continual learning;
  • Superior verbal and written skills to effectively communicate to diverse audiences on a variety of topics including financial and accounting content;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to collaborate effectively with internal and external stakeholders with tact and diplomacy under stressful conditions to maintain a positive organizational culture;
  • Proficiency in leadership of 501c(3) and c(6) organizations as well as for-profit subsidiaries;
  • Strong Merger and Acquisition (M&A) skills through due diligence and negotiation;
  • Capable of analyzing problems rigorously from all angles, showing sound practical judgment;
  • Superior project management and organizational skills;
  • Familiarity and use of Agile techniques including SCRUM, Product Ownership, Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and Customer Experience;
  • Ability to work in a team environment;
  • Ability to think strategically and execute growth strategies;
  • Consistent attention to detail and follow-through skills;
  • High degree of reliability and integrity;
  • Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite.

This description is intended to provide an overview of the responsibilities of the position. It is not all-inclusive and an incumbent in the position will be expected to perform other duties as required. The responsibilities may change over time. This description is provided for informational purposes only and does not form the basis of a contract.