Social Worker
Job Type


Chaplaincy Health Care Social Workers are responsible for the delivery of varied social work services to patients and their families in homes, facilities and at Hospice House. This position is to provide initial psychosocial evaluations, ongoing psychosocial counseling, direct casework services, bereavement, and community education, outreach and referral. The C.H.C. Social Worker is an integral part of the Hospice interdisciplinary team. 


  • Maintains the standards of Social Work excellence in accordance with the principles set forth by the Washington State Health Department, NASW, NHPCO, and Chaplaincy Health Care policies and procedures.
  • Presents the Hospice Philosophy to prospective Hospice patients and their families (“informationals”).
  • Coordinates patient intake and assessments with patients, family members and the interdisciplinary team in patient homes, in facilities and at Hospice House.  
  • Performs comprehensive initial psychosocial and bereavement evaluations and assists in the development and implementation of goal directed patient care plan.
  • Assesses a patient’s financial status, as requested by the family, to determine eligibility for services such as Medicaid, Copes, respite care, etc.
  • Conducts ongoing reassessments of patient/family needs and counseling as needed or requested.
  • Helps the patient and their family to maintain control and autonomy by empowering them to make their own decisions.
  • Works from a “Systems” theory perspective which includes an understanding of the relationship between the patient, their family, groups, organizations, communities, and anything else affecting their environment.
  • Facilitates family meetings to assist with care giving needs, family communication issues, and relationship issues.
  • Assesses factors that may complicate care giving, such as drug and/or alcohol use or violence in the home.
  • Provides short term crisis intervention and individual or family counseling when indicated.
  • Assists with anticipatory grief issues, providing oral and written resources for family members of all ages and developmental stages.
  • Participates as a member of the Bereavement Team as assigned.
  • Observes, evaluates, and brings to team conferences information regarding psychosocial, spiritual, physical, and financial conditions affecting the patient and family.
  • Assumes the active role of advocate for the patient/family unit.
  • Develops and maintains contact with appropriate community agencies and services to promote interagency cooperation and to facilitate related referrals.
  • Documents comprehensive psychosocial information clearly and concisely in a timely manner.
  • Records all initial contact information within 24 hours.
  • Records all patient/family visits, telephone contacts and referral actions in the patient’s Clinical Record within a period of 24 hours.
  • Ensure ongoing sharing of patient and family information between all team disciplines and supervisors 
  •  Attends staff meetings, Inter-Disciplinary Team, social services meetings, and other meetings as assigned and appropriate.
  • Performs specific duties of the Social Services Supervisor in their absence as assigned.
  • Assumes responsibility for own personal and professional development and maintenance of state-of-the-art skills in social work.
  • Exhibits Hospice Philosophy in all job-related roles.
  • Participates in Quality Improvement as assigned.
  • Maintains current knowledge and practice of infectious disease protocols.
  • Performs other functions as assigned by the Social Services Supervisor
  •  All Chaplaincy Health Care employees will follow the minimum standard regarding PHI when accessing patient information on a need to know basis only. All employees will practice appropriate safeguards when accessing this information.
  • Perform other duties as assigned



Master's Degree in Social Work accredited by the Council on Social Work Education

A demonstrated ability in casework, counseling and group work, including three (3) years of clinical work experience, preferably in either a healthcare setting or hospice.

Available to work occasional evenings, weekends, holidays and overtime as needed for patient care and operational needs

Bi-lingual, preferred

Current WA State licensure as a Social Worker or obtain an Agency Affiliated Counselor Licensure within ninety (90) days of hire.


  1. Demonstrate support and adherence to the agency’s Mission, Vision, and Values.
  2. Responsible for knowledge and compliance with agency policies, procedures and practices.
  3. Responsible for maintaining and protecting Patient and agency information in a confidential manner. Practice appropriate HIPAA confidentiality accessing patient related information on a “need to know” basis only.
  4. Reliable personal transportation, and current and valid driver’s license and vehicle insurance.
  5. Satisfaction of state and agency requirements for Tuberculin testing 
  6. Hepatitis B immunization series, proof of series or signed declination.
  7. Proof of applicable Vaccination(s) on file or approved accommodation/declination as appropriate on file.
  8. Certification in Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)/Basic Life Safety (BLS)
  9. Must pass criminal background screening and pre-employment drug screening.
  10. Ability to meet the physical demands of position (see attached physical requirements and environmental conditions).
  11. Complete agency and departmental orientation and training program(s).
  12. Complete all continued learning, education, policy reviews and required training by their respective deadlines
  13. Maintain licensure(s) and certification(s) required for the position
  14. Available to work as assigned/scheduled