Registered Nurse

Core Competencies


- Teamwork: collaborates well with other employees and work effectively in team-based environments.

- Integrity & Ethics: demonstrates ethical behavior, such as honesty and strong moral principles; avoids conflicts of interest.

- Service Excellence: strives to provide excellent service to internal and/or external customers by meeting and managing customer expectations.


- Quality: accurate, organized and thorough. Applies principles of continuous improvement.

- Safety: demonstrates commitment to working in a safe, prudent manner with complete regard for individual safety.

- Confidentiality: maintains the highest degree of confidentiality with working knowledge of HIPAA laws.

- Policy Compliance: adheres to company policy and procedure and applicable Joint Commission standards.

Position-specific Competencies


- Skilled in organizational and time management and the ability to prioritize

- Skilled in Microsoft Office

- Skilled in using Electronic Medical Record Software (EMR)

- Skilled in professional interaction and communication with clients

- Must be capable of performing Basic First Aid and CPR

- Must be mobile and the ability to sit, stand, bend, reach, and lift 100 lbs.


- Ability to demonstrate Practice-Based Client Care and Procedural Skills

- Ability to apply mathematical concepts such as fractions, percentages, ratios and

- proportions to practical solutions

- Working knowledge of current nursing and medication policies at Defining Wellness Centers Inc.

- Understanding of both state and Joint Commission regulations regarding client care

Duties and Responsibilities

- Understand when and how to report the following incidents, can identify where the contact information and/or forms are, and to whom it is reported to. Incidents include grievances, abuse, neglect, trauma, and exploitation

- Utilize nursing knowledge and skills in the safe implementation of basic preventative therapeutic and rehabilitative nursing care of assigned client as evidenced by documentation and observation of positive client care outcomes

- Follow all regulations related to medication dispensing, documentation and storage as- defined by all relevant state and federal, including the DEA and FDA

- Perform work within professional scope and in accordance with the Nurse Practice Act

- Collect and process urine screens and communication results according to established protocol

- Perform delegated independent nursing functions using established procedures, policies, guidelines and standards

- Administer medication accurately, observing client response, as evidenced by documentation in the electronic medical record

- Maintain and coordinate communication among client and staff as evidenced within the electronic medical record client file

- Assist in assuring that effective communication exists with client/significant other/family as reflected in the Treatment Plan

- Give punctual change of shift report consisting of pertinent and relevant information for assigned clients

- Use available written and AV materials specific to client condition or disease

- Assist clients, family members, or other clients with concern and empathy, respecting their confidentiality and privacy and communicates with them in a courteous and respectful manner

- Keep up to date with all pertinent federal and state regulations, laws and policies as they presently exist and as they change or are modified

- Perform other duties



- Associates Degree Nursing from accredited RN program


- Minimum one year work experience in healthcare field


- Active Registered Nurse license in the state of Mississippi OR hold a Registered Nurse compact license (Multi-State Licensure)