Director of Field Services
Fully Remote Pacific Northwest

The Director of Field Services is tasked with ensuring their teams safely complete system integration projects with a high level of customer satisfaction consistently, timely, and profitably throughout the year.  They are also responsible for recruiting, hiring, training, modeling, and evaluating their team members’ adherence to the LightWerks Way and other company standards and making recommendations for the appropriate advancement (or lack thereof) and compensation of members of their team.  This person must maintain coordination and communication between all stakeholders to ensure that work is performed effectively, efficiently, and in a timely manner.   

This person must collaborate with the Director of Project Management, the Director of Engineering, Sales, Administrative, and other personnel within our organization, as well as with our customers in the field.   

This team member’s performance will directly affect the outcome of projects, customers’ satisfaction with our services, and ultimately the profitability, success, and reputation of LightWerks as a whole. 


The Director of Technical Services’ responsibilities – ideally accomplished by spending roughly 80% of the time undertaking duties not on an actual jobsite – include: 

Providing Leadership  

  • Mastering, modeling, implementing, and improving the relevant elements of The LightWerks Way, 
  • Developing Talent (recruiting, developing, motivating, retaining): 
  • Recruiting, interviewing, hiring, reviewing, and managing all field Installation and Service, 
  • Training Lead Systems Technicians in the proper management of their team members and augmented labor providers, 
  • Finding, vetting, and managing quality subcontractors and labor augmentation providers, 
  • Designing and implementing processes that provide for effective and highly efficient ways of performing our technical work, 
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction with our field technical teams (as demonstrated by earning an Absolute Net Promoter Score of 80 or above each half of the year), 
  • Identifying areas that could and should be done in a more standardized fashion between offices, including processes, clothing, tools, etc., and managing our teams to operate in these ways, 
  • Representing the Operations team in key pre-Sales meetings, and 
  • Providing on-going feedback and recommendations to Sales, Operations, Finance & Administration, and Corporate Leadership personnel to ensure the continuous improvement of our processes and technical capabilities. 


  • Chairing the LightWerks Safety Committee, 
  • Ensuring that all jobs are completed with the highest safety standards for LightWerks’ Associates, customers, and others on jobsites and elsewhere, 
  • Ensuring Tailgate Safety Meeting is conducted weekly for all members of team?(including on-call personnel who will be working that week), and 
  • Ensuring that all team members, augmented labor providers, and subs have and always use appropriate PPE and other safety equipment as recommended/required by various OSHA entities (e.g., fall arrest systems, etc.) and as specified by clients and GCs. 

Planning and Assigning/Allocating Technical Resources 

  • Providing and scheduling the technical resources needed for all projects two to four weeks in advance, in the most efficient way possible, 
  • Ensuring that technical Site Surveys are performed prior to deploying resources to jobsites, 
  • Ensuring Lead Systems Technicians and/or Systems Superintendents review documentation in advance of deployments to be as productive as possible upon arrival at jobsites, 
  • Coordinating with the Director of Project Management to anticipate long-term needs for competent technical resources.  If the needs cannot be met by LightWerks employees, providing resources via subcontractors and labor-augmentation methods, 
  • Managing team member activities to reach optimal labor utilization as defined by Corporate Leadership Team Members, 
  • Effectively and efficiently sharing resources among all offices, 
  • Maintaining our commercial vehicle fleet in a safe, excellent condition, and planning for acquisition and disposition of vehicles as needed, 
  • Ensuring availability of?all installation parts and materials needed by Technicians, and 
  • Ensuring availability of required tools and equipment for each van, and for the Department overall. 

Direction and Expertise 

  • Giving daily direction to direct reports, and working with them to ensure that work is completed according to specifications as efficiently as possible, 
  • Training team members to complete tasks related to all the following installation requirements: 
  • Cable pulls, terminations, testing, and certification, 
  • Permanent, physical installation of equipment to customers’ structures, 
  • Building and certifying 100% functional racks of electronic equipment to specifications, 
  • Configuring appropriate equipment (e.g., simple control systems, switches, DSPs, etc.) to achieve desired functionality, 
  • Loading software, and establishing a remote connections with Engineers and Programmers, and 
  • Testing and certifying entire rooms and systems for hand-off to commissioning technicians and/or the client. 

In the event that the Director of Technical Services is NOT personally proficient in any of the above areas, delegating this responsibility to qualified member(s) of their team, and 

  • Documenting and consistently managing training plans for each direct report, 
  • Reviewing technician performance annually and as needed throughout the year, 
  • Mentoring and assisting teams to escalate exceptional project installation issues which may arise. 

Quality Assurance 

  • Ensuring all procedures are documented and disseminated to team members, as soon as they are implemented (i.e., new, AND modified procedures), 
  • Participating in Post Project Debriefs (PPDs) and ensuring lessons-learned are shared with entire team, 
  • Spot-checking installations, 
  • Defining and implementing a process to ensure the quality of subcontracted work is up to our standards, 
  • Ensuring that team members work to the highest professional standards in terms of timeliness, neatness, attention to detail, customer interaction, and other professional matters that reflect on the reputation of LightWerks and the quality of our work, 
  • Reviewing system designs for complex or high-profile projects, 
  • Ensuring that Technicians complete job-site paperwork, personal timekeeping, and other documentation conscientiously, consistently, and on a DAILY basis, and 
  • Ensuring that LightWerks’-specified close-out procedures are followed on all projects. 

Requirements: Job requirements to be able to perform this job: 

  • Equivalent of ten years of successful, relevant hands-on installation and installation leadership experience, 
  • An OSHA-30 certification, 
  • Demonstrated ability to lead and effectively manage medium- to large-sized teams of technicians, 
  • Ability to read appropriate management reports and make appropriate decisions based on insights provided, 
  • Ability to read, interpret, and mark-up (i.e., correct) architectural and technical drawings and to direct members of your teams to deliver 100% complete systems per our Engineered specifications, 
  • An AVIXA CTS certification, 
  • Must be able to type at an average skill level (40+ words per minute). 
  • Must be well-versed with the entire suite of Microsoft Office products, and have at least intermediate competence with Excel, Word, and eventually Teams and other adopted software applications, 
  • Must possess a good knowledge of IT/networking fundamentals  

Desired: The following skills and qualifications are desired, but not strictly required: ? 

  • Associate’s or bachelor’s degree in relevant major is preferred, 
  • Possessing or desiring to earn a CTS-I and/or CTS-D certification, 
  • COMPTIA Network+ certification, or similar, and 
  • Appropriate personal contractor licenses. 

Time Away from Home: 

At LightWerks, we recognize the benefits of – and fully embrace – remote work.  We also understand that Team Members desire – and deserve – as much flexibility as possible given their specific job duties.  Following is what this job requires, relative to: 

  • Time “In the Office: When “home”, this job is expected to be 100% remote, i.e., home-based. 
  • Out-of-Town Travel: Initially this job will likely require extensive travel (i.e., on the order of 35%) in periods of up to a week.  Eventually the job should not require more than 25% travel. 

Other Requirements:  

  • Reaching, grasping, carrying, pulling, and pushing activities required, 
  • Un-restricted ability to climb six-foot ladders, 
  • Although most work is performed inside, occasional outside activities are subject to seasonal temperature fluctuations, 
  • Possessing a driver’s license that is valid in all States where LightWerks undertakes projects. 

Training Path: As part of our commitment to your ongoing career development, LightWerks believes in providing extensive training to all Team Members.  Your customized training path benefits our customers, and hence the Company, in many ways, but it also benefits each team member, personally and professionally, in the following ways: 

  • Safety Training: At LightWerks our policy is, “NEVER do anything unsafe,” so ongoing, appropriate training will be provided to ensure that everyone remains SAFE while working at LightWerks. 
  • Industry Training: Industry-related training will allow each team member to understand how LightWerks and they fit into the industry overall, and why/how we provide value to our customers. 
  • Technical Skills Training: This training will allow each team member to build their technical competence in their specific profession and the role(s) that they take on during their tenure with LightWerks. 
  • Professional Skills Training: Team members will benefit from professional skills training that is relevant to all professionals and teams, as needed. Training may include interpersonal skills, time management, etc. 

To review the training available at LightWerks, please see LightWerks Career Development - START HERE.docx.  

Keys to Success:  

  • You will be evaluated in part based upon your performance of the responsibilities and tasks listed in this job description. 
  • This job description does not list all the duties of the job. You may be asked by supervisors or management to perform other instructions and duties. 
  • Management has the right to revise this job description at any time. This job description is not a contract for employment, and either you or the employer may terminate?employment at any time, for any reason as outlined in the employee manual, and as permitted by applicable law.?  
  • LightWerks promotes and rewards transparent, proactive, and responsive communication (i.e., “Truth Early. Truth Always.”), client-focused behavior, good decision-making, innovation, a bias to action, courage, commitment, integrity, teamwork, the desire to continuously learn and improve, and a passion for success.