Senior Copywriter
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About Us

MarketPlace is a strategy and creative group founded in 2002. A smart, tight-knit, hard-working team of designers, strategists, photographers, producers, and writers, we partner with CPG and B2B brands in Food + Beverage, Pet + Animal, and Health + Wellness. We lead strategy sessions. We develop brand identities. We build websites, make ads, create trade show experiences, have convos on social. We whip up campaigns, presentations, and sales tools. We produce retail packaging and do custom, in-house photography and videography. All with intention backed by a deep understanding of our industry niche.

About You

You are right at that sweet spot of “strong writer” and “big thinker.” You know how to roll up your sleeves and complete the tactical stuff just as well as you can scale out and look at the big picture. You are a better writer – and person – when you work alongside a team, but when the time comes to go solo, you are completely comfortable getting the job done.

Being strategically smart and aesthetically free. Always curious, always dialing, always pushing. Excited to work in any and all media, but primarily in digital. You understand what clients say, what they want, and how to translate that into marketing strategy and then communicate that thoughtfully, clearly, and effectively. 

You are looking for a place where you can grow as a creative and are eager to learn the ins-and-outs of our clients. You can exemplify writing skills that are engaging, authentic, and full of integrity. You ask great questions and use data to back up your approach. 

Role Summary

MarketPlace is looking for an experienced senior copywriter with strong knowledge of ecommerce, social media, and UX websites to create compelling copy for our B2B and CPG clients. You don’t need to know all best practices for each medium but a solid foundation is desired. The best candidates have the capacity for highly conceptual ideation as well as tactical chops, will use a variety of writing styles, know how to follow a brand brief, and can handle both internal and client feedback with grace. 

You will work alongside writers, designers, creative directors, production, project managers, strategists, photographers, videographers, developers, and freelancers to complete client work.  

The majority of your clients will likely be B2B companies in the food and ingredients industries and a few Direct-to-Consumer brands. You will write a lot of materials that aren’t the sexiest portfolio pieces imaginable but are incredibly important to our industry and our clients, and you will also get plenty of opportunity for solid conceptual creative work that will continue to grow as we partner with more DTC brands. 


What you’ll do:

• Contribute to all parts of the UX web development process, performing content audits, assisting in Information Architecture development, writing solid headlines and on-page copy, and developing high-quality static and dynamic content

• Perform frontend SEO to optimize headlines, body copy, and internal linking on current and new websites

• Write engaging, informative, and educational copy for social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, knowing what type of content would best work for the topic (i.e., a short video or a carousel)

• Utilize best practices to create conversion copy for ecommerce sites including Amazon, Target, Grocery, and more

• Develop high-performing email blasts, both one-off topics and campaign concepts

• Engage consumers through stand-out digital ads such as web banners, retargeting ads, and paid social (including static and video content)

• Contribute to marketing strategy at all levels of a project, from ideation sessions with clients to branding to pitch books to copy for all media

• Occasionally pitch concepts to clients, in-person and remotely

• Research and analyze clients’ products, services, capabilities, competition, etc., in order to develop and implement strategic marketing plans/tactics 

• Support consumer and B2B focused content /communications using a variety of writing styles for print advertisements, client presentations, press releases, etc.

• Work within internal and external budget parameters

• Expand knowledge of both B2B and consumer industries relating to the food, beverage, and ingredients industries

• Faithfully perform project administration tasks (time tracking, project management system, client notes, meeting sheets, etc.)

What you’ll bring:

• 5-8 years work experience in digital writing with the ability to show previous work through individual published pieces or portfolio

• Adept at various writing styles (consumer, B2B, technical, promotional, etc.)

• Strong marketing/branding experience and ability to provide direction to designers, art directors and web development teams 

• Well-rounded knowledge of online marketing (including SEO, PPC, email marketing, and other online advertising/promotional methods)

• Experience working with trade media is a plus

• Knowledge of ingredient industries, manufacturing processes, market trends, consumer and B2B food and beverage industry a strong plus

No relo, no third-party candidates.  This is not a remote position.