Coastal Hydrodynamic Modeler

Lynker is seeking a Coastal Hydrodynamic Modeler to support NOAA's Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services to provide technical expertise and science support to run existing coastal hydrodynamic models (i.e., NOS 3-dimensional Operational Forecast Systems) on NOAA’s supercomputers to validate that the data assimilation approach NOS currently uses in operations (i.e., 4DVAR) runs properly under a new, more efficient configuration. The new configuration is being developed outside of NOS and this task order. The individual will be required to run the model using both data assimilation configurations and compare the output to ensure the new Marine JEDI conversion produces similar results. Accomplishing this will require extensive coordination and collaboration with partners throughout the entire project life cycle.

Lynker requires scientific support services with specific expertise in coastal hydrodynamic modeling to fulfill CO-OPS’ role in this collaborative project. The individual shall perform this work in close coordination with Federal and non-Federal project managers and program office representatives. This work includes the NOS Coastal Ocean Modeling Framework and Operational Forecast Systems as well as data assimilation methods used with NOAA’s forecast systems and high performance computing environment. The individual is required to work closely with the academic partners developing new 4DVAR data assimilation techniques specific for government applications to understand these government-specific techniques fully. Doing so may require travel to and participation in seminars, workshops, or other knowledge-sharing fora that enable collaboration with project partners. In support of CO-OPS, Lynker may also require the Contractor to develop, organize, and lead technical training and/or to prepare technical reports, standard operating procedures, or other documentation for the purpose of documenting model performance results and sharing knowledge with NOS and CO-OPS, and developing procedures for expanding 4DVAR data assimilation techniques to other coastal ocean models under development or in operations within the National Ocean Service’s ocean and coastal modeling program, including model development projects funded by U.S. IOOS and carried out by their academic partners.. The individual shall possess technical and scientific knowledge in disciplines such as physical and oceanographic sciences, numerical ocean modeling, computer programming/coding, technical analysis, project management, and technical writing.

In support of CO-OPS, Lynker requires skilled scientific support to test the 4DVAR data assimilation system within NOS’ operational forecast systems. The Contractor will provide the expertise and scientific support necessary to test performance of the Marine JEDI implementation of ROMS 4DVAR in comparison with an NOS operational forecast system operated and maintained by CO-OPS (e.g. West Coast Ocean Forecast System, or WCOFS, which uses the community ROMS 4DVAR driver). CO-OPS requires the Contractor to collaborate with other NOAA offices and external partners to accomplish the following specific tasks:

(1) Ensure that necessary data sources are available in the NCEP data tanks; if not, configure relevant convertors and implement new data sources into the Interface for Observational Data Access (IODA) as necessary;

(2) Adopt IODA quality assurance and quality control algorithms for coastal and Great Lakes applications;

(3) Configure and implement WCOFS data assimilation within the JEDI environment;

(4) Verify the data ingestion and 4DVAR results from JEDI; and

(5) Evaluate whether the various data sources and Marine JEDI 4DVAR performance improves the skill of WCOFS’s nowcast/forecast over what is realized in WCOFS using the ROMS 4DVAR standalone version.

This is an exempt position.

  • Master’s Degree in oceanography, meteorology, hydrology, or a closely related discipline, plus two years of recent, relevant experience that demonstrate that the individual possesses expertise and skill in hydrodynamic modeling on high performance computing systems (HPC);
  • An understanding of oceanographic, atmospheric, hydrologic, and/or riverine models; 
  • Familiarity with the ROMS numerical ocean model;
  • Extensive computing skills (e.g. shell scripts, Fortran, IDL, MATLAB, Python);
  • Excellent communication skills, both orally and in writing;
  • A demonstrated ability to organize and self-manage workload, meet deadlines, and collaborate well with others; and
  • Strong organization skills and attention to detail

Additional expertise and skills that are not required but are likely to support effective performance include:

  • Knowledge of, and experience with, Earth System Modeling Framework (ESMF) and NOAA Environmental Modeling System (NEMS).
  • Data assimilation experience
  • Experience with transitioning hydrodynamic models into operational applications
  • Knowledge of the principles, practices, and applications of coastal tidal theory and physical oceanography
  • General database and query experience
  • Modeler Familiarity with GIS

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