Ancillary Services Specialist - CCS
Job Type

Responsible for providing support services (individual skill development, monitoring, wellness management, etc.), to individual’s enrolled in the CCS program, that are focused on assisting individuals reach their identified goals.

Legend: E = Essential / NE = Non-Essential / N/A = Not Applicable

  • Facilitate groups that focus on individual skill building to assist individuals and/or group attendees in reaching recovery goals. E
  • Provide wellness management services to support individual’s ongoing recovery and physical well-being, through individual and group support. E
  • Assist with developing and implementing new program ideas that support and promote the CCS model of recovery oriented services. E
  • Assist with training new staff on mental health, AODA, and co-occurring disorders. E
  • Provide monitoring services with the individual to promote stability. E
  • Communicate with applicable stakeholders via appropriate methods (i.e., case notes, phone, email, meetings, etc.) in a timely manner. E
  • Provide transportation to adults for appointments and activities as needed. E
  • Participate in development of a Recovery Plan of Care (RPOC) to support the individual’s recovery. E
  • Attend meetings and professional development activities, as required. E
  • Establish and maintain good communication, collaboration, and cooperation with all parents, co-workers, etc. E
  • Follow all duties of a mandated reporter. E
  • Perform other related duties, as assigned. NE
  • Be a team player! E


  • Bachelor Degree from an accredited college or university in Social Work, Counseling, Psychology, Sociology, or related field. Master’s degree (Highly desirable)
  • Two (2) years’ experience providing services to individuals with mental health, substance abuse, or co-occurring needs.
  • Bilingual (Spanish and English), spoken and written. (Desirable)
  • Neat orderly person with great organizational skills.
  • Must be a “People Person” with a great disposition and outlook on life, who enjoys working with others, is upbeat and pleasant to work with and is a good listener.
  • Knowledge and experience with Microsoft Office suite.
  • Must be willing and able to work flexible hours as needed.
  • Excellent communication and documentation skills, written and verbal
  • Must pass all background checks.

 ****La Causa, Inc. requires all individuals working to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19**** 

Salary Description
$38,889.61 - $48,228.90 per year