Jr. Associate (Intern) in STEM, Manufacturing, Business

 Salary range: $20/45/hr, depending on nature of job 

Nanotronics Jr. Associates are smart and passionate individuals who will intern, supporting our teams in the development of the world's most technologically advanced inspection and factory control solutions. We are making manufacturing fast, accurate and cost-efficient by combining optical and atomic force microscopy with machine learning and artificial intelligence. The solutions we build push the envelope of what can be done, so we need team members who are highly intelligent, hardworking and creative. The ideal candidate will be a self-starter, who work well with in fast-paced, ever-evolving environment.

Different internships are offered throughout the year, but are generally available in all areas of engineering (software, R&D, mechanical, electrical), operations, production, finance, marketing or human resources. See below for a description of the different jobs that may be available. If you're not sure where you fit, or you don't see the job you're looking for, apply anyway! 



When applying, enter your area of interest in the SKILLS field!  


  • Learn how to contribute to a complex production codebase in an agile environment with experienced software engineers
  • With growth and demonstrated performance in primary responsibilities, this position can offer additional explorations in machine learning and other fields related to the function of the core product
  • Participate in pair programming, stand ups, retros and project meetings
  • Contribute to the core product code base: design, implement, test, and debug software applications used for microscopic image acquisition and processing
  • Learn and adhere to quality assurance procedures
  • Coordinate programming activities with R&D and other departments
  • Experience that would be nice to have: writing C++ code, working with hardware and software, ability to grasp high order concepts in physics, microscopy, hardware design, automation, and robotics, experience with computer vision and machine learning, experience with image processing, experience working with an agile team, experience in SQL
  • Required education and skills: currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or related field, strong work ethic, effective communicator, flexible, ability to work on own initiative as well as with a team, detail-oriented


  • Assist in the design, development, fabrication, iteration, testing, and validation of sub-components in the mechanics and software of on-going research projects at Nanotronics, including mechanical design in CAD software, synthesis of electrical systems, assembly and maintenance of 3D printers, data collection through tensile testing and auxiliary data collection system design
  • With growth and demonstrated performance in primary responsibilities, this position will also offer an opportunity to explore machine learning inference techniques and collaborate on published literature
  • Assembly and maintenance of customized 3D printers
  • Ideation and design of sub-systems intended to aid data collection process
  • Python scripting to drive data acquisition systems
  • Collaborate with researchers to develop objectives for research, including the design, methods and measures for quality control
  • Assist in tangential rapid prototyping sprints for research projects
  • Experience that would be nice to have: prototyping, experimental design and execution, familiarity with design practices (functional and aesthetic), prior experience conducting research analysis
  • Required education and skills: collaboration, thoroughness, Python (or alternative) scripting experience, SolidWorks/Fusion 360 (or alternative) CAD experience; currently pursuing Bachelor's degree in a related field,


  • Assist in design of software and platforms that meet our customer’s needs as well as combine interfaces and workflows to enhance user experience
  • Conduct user tests to observe behavior both in-person and by using UX toolsets and metrics
  • Assist in making our products more user-friendly and intuitive to attract and retain customers
  • Research and develop different kinds of user experiences including mixed reality
  • Experience that would be nice to have: experience in UI or UX Design, ability to make complex software intuitive and elegant, bold design sensibility, understanding of HTML, Javascript or CSS, passion for technology and science


  • Support the Finance department by helping to generate and analyze reports
  • Take notes during meetings
  • Prepare statements
  • Enter data
  • Assist with audits
  • Complete administrative work while observing different aspects of accounting, financial reporting, or banking. 


  • Support the recruiting and onboarding processes
  • Assist with compliance and organization projects relating to personnel
  • Attend meetings about and participate in the preparation of community outreach initiatives
  • Experience that would be nice to have: strong written and verbal communication skills, ability to perform a wide range of duties, good at problem-solving, versatility, flexibility and a willingness to work within constantly changing priorities with enthusiasm and grace, organized, detail-oriented; currently pursuing a related degree and interested in the employee lifecycle from early career development to retirement


  • Assist marketing and communications staff with various duties
  • Assist in compiling research, fact-checking, copy editing, and pitching news outlets for feature stories and op eds
  • Experience that would be nice to have: English Degree in progress, meticulous eye for detail, sense of narrative, writing, and the news cycle, interest in public relations, interest in journalism, production, and multimedia narrative (audio, video, social), ability to work in a fast-paced environment with a quick turnaround, ability to actively participate in the ideation process, including developing and structured team brainstorms, ability to problem-solve independently and in groups, an interest in science, current events, engineering, industry, and technology is beneficial, but a scientific background is not required

When applying, enter your area of interest in the SKILLS field!