Payroll Specialist

• Process employee payroll every two weeks

• Cross-check timecards for accuracy

• Process payroll tax, direct deposit forms, and wage garnishments

• Interpret federal and state tax laws to answer questions and aid in the processing of W2 and W4 forms

• Prepare payroll reports after every payroll by pay dates

• Providing information and answering employee questions about payroll-related matters

• Issuing paychecks and managing direct deposits

• Prepare and process benefits invoices

• Providing administrative assistance to the accounting department

• Provide outstanding customer service

• Fulfill other clerical roles as needed 


• Familiarity with payroll software

• Previous experience as a Payroll Assistant, preferably within a company of a  similar size

• Excellent   data entry, data cleaning, and math skills

• Capacity   to keep track of numerous ongoing tasks

• Adherence to all prescribed ethical guidelines, including confidentiality

• Excellent communication and organizational skills

• Proven experience working in a team environment to meet deadlines

• Performing all tasks well before the pay run to ensure that employees are compensated, and managers are notified on time

• Strong attention to detail


• Associates Degree and/or bachelor’s degree


• At least 1 year of experience with payroll HRIS systems and related software programs.