DevOps Engineer

The Nanotronics DevOps Engineer is a smart and passionate engineer who will work with our engineering team in the development of the world's most technologically advanced inspection and factory control solutions. This position will be responsible automating some software engineering tasks, with individual tasks ranging from integrating third party packages to automating builds for continuous integration and deployment.

Salary Range: $126-232k per year 

A Note About Salary Ranges: Nanotronics is committed to hiring both rising and advanced talent. We are a creative and flexible organization, with niche needs, so early-career potential can sometimes be as important as senior-level experience. Therefore, our broad salary ranges are meant to encourage applicants from a wide range of experience levels to apply.



Education and Experience

  • 5+ years of experience as a DevOps engineer
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field, Master’s degree preferred

Required Skills:

  • Industry experience with GitLab, GitLab CI/CD, and GitLab Runners
  • Industry experience creating production quality code in Python and modern C++
  • Industry experience with NSIS or other software packaging tools
  • Working knowledge of SQL and relational databases (preferably PostGreSQL)
  • Working knowledge of Visual Studio
  • Working knowledge of Windows cmd terminal, powershell and batch scripting
  • Strong technical communication skills 
  • Ability to prioritize and manage time without excessive oversight

Preferred Skills:

  • Experience with CMake, Clang-tidy, LLVM, and the Clang compiler
  • Experience integrating APIs for      Slack and Jira
  • Experience with Jira in a Sprint workflow
  • Experience writing technical documentation
  • Experience setting up Virtual Machines and servers
  • Ability to identify software vulnerabilities


  • Host/participate in design reviews, code reviews, stand-ups and other meetings as needed
  • Implement workflows for built-in unit tests and compiler checks to ensure code stability
  • Document processes as implementation is rolled out across the company 
  • Build scripts to automate daily tasks for the development and quality assurance teams
  • Design, implement, test, and debug GitLab CI pipelines and workflows
  • Support the development and quality assurance teams as needed 
  • Automate tasks across platforms such as GitLab, Slack and Jira
  • Develop and integrate package management systems to support customer rollout of the software built by the development team

More About The Team

Specifically on the DevOps team, you will develop and control the automated build procedures for our inspection tool, test automation suite, and artificial intelligence platform. Automating these procedures is essential to the success and the throughput of our development, quality assurance, and R&D teams. You will have the opportunity to work on some automation scripts of your own design, refactor legacy code, enhance build times, and much more!

Our software team is making manufacturing fast, accurate and cost-efficient by combining optical and atomic force microscopy with machine learning and artificial intelligence. Our products' usage is industry-agnostic, with aerospace, electronics, and healthcare applications. Any industry that can benefit from increased yield, reduced waste, lower costs, and faster design iteration is an industry that can benefit from using Nanotronics' technology. The solutions we build push the envelope of what can be done, so we need engineers who are highly intelligent, hardworking, and creative. Flexibility and an ability to grasp high order concepts in physics, hardware design, automation, and robotics can be helpful for understanding and resolving specific issues.

What We Offer:

  • Catered lunches every Tuesday-Thursday
  • Company stock options
  • Free dental, vision, short and long term disability and life insurance
  • 401(k) match
  • Casual work environment
  • Direct exposure to C-level management
  • Interesting and challenging projects that truly make an impact at the company
  • Entrepreneurial spirit to grow, learn and thrive
  • Possible eligibility for city and state tax exemption under the START-UP NY program

Application Process

Please apply here. After submitting your application, our review process will begin with a review of your resume. If you meet or exceed the education, experience and required skills above, or demonstrate an equivalent to these things, you will be invited to participate in an assessment of your C++ skills. A successful assessment will result in a phone interview, potentially followed by interviews with the hiring team, after which a decision about hiring will be made. 

What is Nanotronics?

Nanotronics is an advanced machines and intelligence company that helps customers across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors solve for the unique inspection and process control challenges of precision manufacturing. A leading developer of optical inspection tools for the semiconductor industry, Nanotronics uses hardware and software to provide industrial-scale, high-throughput, super imaging systems. Deployed across fifteen countries and industry agnostic, Nanotronics works with leading-edge companies, from aerospace, to electronics, to healthcare, to drive up yield, reduce footprint and waste, lower costs, and speed up design iteration, while eliminating laborious manual inspections.

We are an intellectually curious group of motivated and passionate innovators, bringing together the brightest minds in physics, optics, robotics, artificial intelligence, and software engineering as we work to lay the foundation for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Armed with visionary leadership and strong financial backing, we foster an environment of both entrepreneurship and accountability.

COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

The essential functions of all positions at Nanotronics include a physical presence in the workplace, including but not limited to, in-person interactions with other employees, customers, and the community. Therefore, in accordance with Nanotronics’ duty to safeguard the health of our current employees and new hires, their families, our customers and visitors, our business and the community at large from COVID-19, all employees are required to present proof of vaccination and new hires must present proof of vaccination prior to their first day as a condition of employment. This policy will comply with all applicable laws and is based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), and is designed to comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws.

Why We Work In The Office

Our culture is built on innovation, quality and collaboration. We believe that working together and among other departments in person supports a sense of community, connection and belonging. So much of our communication as individuals is nonverbal—easier to discern and appreciate when we’re physically together. This synchrony not only gives us the power to innovate, but it helps us foster empathy, learning, and engagement. We want you to be a part of impromptu ideas dreamed and decisions made as people cross paths; to be in the right place at the right time to contribute your perspective; to look around and take pride in the diverse group of people with whom you work; to be seen by others when you’re recognized for a job well-done; and to look around, see things and help us build the best products and workplace we can. Our fast-paced environment pivots quickly, and we don’t want you to miss a thing.

You’ll Make a Great Nanotron If

  • You are passionate about science, engineering, technology, and AI
  • You are looking for a challenge
  • You collaborate well with others
  • You are intellectually curious, eager to learn, and excited to contribute

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Nanotronics is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We prohibit discrimination and harassment of any kind based on race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, genetic information, pregnancy, or any other protected characteristic as outlined by federal, state, or local laws. This policy applies to all employment practices within our organization. Nanotronics makes hiring decisions based solely on qualifications, merit, and business

Salary Description
126k-232k per year