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Allovue believes every student deserves access to the resources they need to be successful in school. Our education resource planning software empowers K–12 administrators at every level to allocate resources to best support the needs of their students. We seek people who are creative, funny, humble, flexible, motivated, collaborative, and problem-solvers. We love and respect our team members. We also love silly GIFs.


Allovue is hiring an Engineering Manager to help mentor and grow our technical talent to ensure that engineering at Allovue continues to deliver high-quality products. Engineering Team Leaders will manage 4-8 individual contributors. They will be responsible for regular paired programming, individual mentorship, team building and culture, and performance reviews. Team leaders will assist with our system/technical roadmap and system architecture, conduct spikes, and assist with documenting how our products work. They will collaborate with product leadership and our development team to identify staffing needs, grow our team, and maintain quality development and delivery processes.

We expect engineering team leads to be “hands-on.”  Around 30% of their time should be spent working independently in our codebase and infrastructure, 30% working alongside direct reports to help problem-solve and grow via pairing, and 30% on employee professional growth and mentorship. The remainder will be spent on team and company administrative tasks, including planning formal learning opportunities for the team.

We do not expect candidates to have a deep knowledge of our specific technical stack (we have recently nearly completed a transition from primarily using Ruby on Rails and EmberJS to Elixir and Phoenix with LiveView), but they should have experience building modern web applications, managing development teams, and working collaboratively with product managers, designers, and QA.

We expect leads will have technical skills at least equivalent to our Senior Developer contributors (see Qualifications).



  • Mentor developers at various stages of their careers to ensure their continued growth toward their individual goals
  • Meet with each direct report no less than twice a month– once for pairing, and once for mentorship/one-on-one check-ins.
  • Lead hiring efforts as we expand our team
  • Work with the Chief Product Officer to determine future resource needs
  • Maintain technical documentation on product stack and security and access policies
  • Build relationships across the organization to maintain a high level of mutual respect and empathy with our Allovue colleagues
  • Assist with technical spikes as needed to explore new product opportunities
  • Provide quality feedback on pull requests 
  • Introduce standards for code quality, libraries, and patterns that help improve developer experience and productivity


  • 5+ years of professional software development
  • 1+ years of managing software developers
  • Experience with delivering software with extensive automated test coverage in a mature CI/CD pipeline
  • Experience mentoring and developing early, mid, and later career individual contributors
  • Able to identify areas needing major refactors and complete them as a part of delivering their existing project work.
  • Experience leading medium to large technical projects (one-quarter or longer timespan)
  • Ability to break down complex work into pieces for other engineers/teams to work on, and coordinates the resolution of those disparate pieces.
  • Ability to be fully autonomous on major, architecturally complex projects: leads effort, lays out schedules and dependencies, reaches out for help whenever needed, reports regularly on progress, sets up success metrics, identifies initial wins, delivers on them, iterates and updates the plan as needed.


  • Familiarity with education data including education finance, student achievement, and other school performance measures
  • Experience with district or state education department finance and IT systems
  • Experience conducting program evaluations and/or cost-benefit analyses
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