Operations Project Associate


Who We Are: 

Since 2003, Vance Wealth has served as a premier financial planning practice passionately committed to helping our families and businesses succeed at every step of their financial journey. It’s a commitment that starts with carefully listening to their goals and making their priorities our own. We aim to take care of clients like family, working tirelessly to establish a blueprint for today with a vision of tomorrow, and helping provide the confidence they need to make their dreams a reality. We pride ourselves on our client care philosophy. Vance Wealth will be by our client’s side through all of life’s challenges, guiding them through the most difficult of times and empowering them during the best of times. Whether advising on our client’s everyday spending, retirement planning, investments, tax strategies, insurance, college savings or any other financial need, we’re committed to providing them the confidence and knowledge needed to be prepared for life’s uncertainties. Providing client-centric solutions, backed by years of financial planning expertise, is not an accident. In an ever-changing world and a constantly evolving economy, we are always seeking ways to stay abreast through continuing education opportunities in the financial industry, the markets, and specific investments. What’s more, we have a strong presence in our community providing education to both the public and professionals alike, through seminars, workshops, and other speaking engagements. It’s a responsibility we passionately embrace every day. It means paying our experience forward at every opportunity and providing clarity when it’s needed the most. 

Position Description

The position of Operations Project Associate is a multi-faceted position with an emphasis on internal operations supporting the Chief Operating Officer. The person who fills this role needs to be organized, excellent at time management, able to balance multiple projects, and comfortable with ambiguity.

Managing Relationship:

· Reports to Chris Pelch, Chief Operating Officer (COO)


Responsibilities - Key responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:


1. Assist the COO with a variety of tasks -Meet with the COO on a frequent basis (TBD; at least weekly) and assist him in moving projects forward.  This will include executing on our firm’s annual capacity review, annual client segmentation analysis, preparing for the Leadership Team’s quarterly strategic planning meetings, and assisting with quarterly Rocks.  2.  Management of Technology and Vance Wealth’s Outsourced CTO Relationship:     -Participate in monthly calls with our outsourced CTO.  Responsible for documenting meeting notes, working with COO to set  priority on action items, executing on action items, and preparing for the next monthly meeting. -Serve as an important liaison between Datastream and the Vance Wealth team.  -Troubleshoot internal IT issues and work with team members to elevate problems to our technology partner where needed. -Assist the COO in administrator responsibilities as it relates to core technology including our phone systems, process   management software, password security software, and more. -Work on special projects related to technology initiatives including migrating to new software platforms, data updates and   management of existing software, and more. 
3. Management of Compliance and Vance Wealth’s Outsourced Compliance Consultant Relationship: 

-Participate in monthly calls with our outsourced Compliance Consultant.  Responsible for documenting meeting notes, working with CCO to set priority on action items, executing on action items, and preparing for the next monthly meeting. 

-Prepare for office wide, monthly, compliance meetings.  Provide updates to the team on important compliance items stemming from meeting with compliance consultants, follow-up on questions or open items stemming from the meeting. 

-Work closely with the CCO to execute on compliance tasks as documented in our management software, Advisor Cloud 360.   

-Responsible for managing tasks and driving them towards completion. 

-Monitor activities of delegate assignments to team members to ensure the timely completion of compliance tasks, that meet the expectations of our compliance program. 

4.  Manage Projects in the Vance Wealth Process Documentation Software 

-Work closely with a variety of team members, to transfer processes from word documents into our internal wiki system (Guru). 

-Keep track of important deadlines and monitor the team’s activity. 

-Test processes written by other team members, evaluate the effectiveness of the process, and provide timely feedback to others. 

-Become an expert at documenting processes and serve as an integral part of the operations team’s efforts to capture our firm’s collective knowledge in one location. 


5. Systems Management for Project and Process Management Software: 

-Responsible for organizing and updating data across our firm’s software systems, most importantly: Advyzon, Loom, and Guru. 

-Implement sound double checks to ensure that the data in these systems is organized, engagement with the platforms is high, and each tool is optimized for efficient outcomes. 


 Abilities & Competencies   

To perform the essential function of this position, the incumbent regularly employs the following communication and reasoning abilities and competencies:

 • Effectively reads and comprehends written English
• Effectively understands, speaks, and writes English

• Conduct all matters in a professional and courteous manner 

• Exceptional communication and organizational skills

• Able to collaborate and coordinate cross functionally

• Skilled use of Microsoft Office, including Excel
• Able to multitask and organize work effectively to meet deadlines

• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

• Comfortable navigating ambiguity

• Able to act autonomously, identifying and solving issues independently
• Able to listen actively and attentively

• Experience in project management or project support

• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience (4 years relevant experience)

Performance of the essential functions involves the following physical and/or sensory abilities:
• Frequently using hands to manipulate equipment or media
• Frequently typing on a keyboard
• Frequently sitting and performing deskwork

• Seeing and reading without difficulty (with or without personal corrective aides)

• Able to manipulate data on computer screens and other digital devices.

• Ability to do math problems and analyze data. 

• Frequently interacting and communicating either in writing or verbally with clients or co-workers.