Dining Services Assistant - Weekend Only
Job Type

The Dining Services Assistant at Pine Haven Christian Home works in a team environment or independently in a small household environment to provide our residents with nourishing, visually appealing, well balanced meals and a pleasant dining experience.

Essential duties and responsibilities

  • Serve meals that are appetizing, based on menu selections and preferences, in a timely manner to residents
  • Cook/Retherm (reheat) food to proper serving temperatures
  • Prepare and serve food in proper portions and proper consistencies (example: mechanical soft, pureed) according to the resident’s dietary restrictions
  • Set up prior to meals, pour beverages, and place appropriate condiments on tables
  • Bus tables following meals
  • Perform dish washing and cleaning procedures as directed, including: cleaning work tables, refrigerators/freezers, sweeping and mopping floors, returning clean utensils and dishes to proper storage areas
  • Deliver food carts, trays, etc., to designated areas
  • Assist in all other scheduled cleaning duties, in accordance with established processes
  • Carry out garbage and keep work areas clean, dry and free of hazards
  • Follow proper sanitation and safety guidelines 
  • Follow infection control and universal precautions policies and procedures to ensure that a sanitary environment is always maintained
  • Attend and participate in required training, conducted at time of hire and/or annually, that will include training designed to assure resident safety: i.e. fire safety, missing resident, evacuations, disaster response, etc.
  • Report any observed changes in a resident’s needs and/or condition immediately to a license nurse or manager as appropriate


Requirements and qualifications

  • Experience in food service is a plus but is not required
  • Maintain good attendance, including timely arrival 
  • Support positive working relationships with fellow team members
  • Interreact, communicate, and collaborate effectively with others
  • Attention to detail, time management, and organizational skills required
  • Ability to work in a fast paced rapidly changing environment
  • Knowledge of or ability to learn proper food handling techniques and various diets (regular, mechanical soft, puree)
  • Ability to lift up to 40 lbs.
  • Must comply with Pine Haven’s policies
  • Understands, supports, and is committed to Pine Haven’s Mission, Vision and Values 


Salary Description
$15.00-$17.17 based on experience