The Peer Recovery Navigator (PRN) works with individuals in the community who have recently received a designation of a Serious Mental Illness (SMI) and promotes a recovery-based approach to member care. Care provided to members emphasizes hope, respect, self-direction and empowerment by providing peer support, education on community resources and other supportive services, to aid in members’ recovery from mental illness and/or addiction disorders. Guidance and direction are provided by the Senior Director of Community Programs.

Essential Duties

  • Work with newly determined SMI individuals, to ensure the development of meaningful, member-driven goals, support the member during the transition into the public behavioral health system, and enhance provider accountability.
  • Act as part of the member’s orientation to the public behavioral health system to enhance the quality of care and ensure engagement in services available, including intake into a behavioral health health-home.
  • Relate their own recovery process in a positive and supportive manner through coaching, role modeling and mentoring in order to assist members in developing skills to achieve their goals.
  • Ensure the member is educated on their rights including their ability to include family of choice in their services, and choices in treatment.
  • Support the member through the process of completing an intake and ISP into a health home and advocate on their behalf when necessary.
  • Once the member has their ISP in place and is engaged in services, the PRN will provide check-ins at set intervals to ensure the member is satisfied with their ISP and progressing toward goals.
  • If the PRN identifies issues, they will coordinate with AzCH’s Care Management team and trigger Care Management involvement.
  • Ensure all identified services are offered and delivered to meet identified needs and objectives and expected outcomes are achieved.
  • Facilitate communication and coordination between participants of the health care team, involving the members in the decision-making process in order to minimize fragmentation in the services.
  • Work with the member to use natural supports and reintegrate into the general community to the maximum extent possible.
  • Respond to members and their family when a member is hospitalized, arrested, or when other major life events occur to ensure services are appropriate and to assist the member in the safe transition of care to the next most appropriate level. Communicate with the member’s health home including care around major medical conditions to ensure effective coordination of care.
  • Complete timely documentation within members’ behavioral health records in accordance with agency and funding source requirements, including tracking spreadsheets to be shared with the Regional Behavioral Health Authority (RBHA).
  • At least 21 years of age
  • High School/GED + 2 years’ behavioral health experience or Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in a behavioral health field
  • (Required) Peer - Individuals must have first- hand knowledge of a behavioral health condition or substance abuse issue, whether or not they received treatment or medication.
  • If the staff identifies as a peer using the definition listed above, they must attend Peer Support Certification training within the first 3 months of employment.
  • Strongly preferred- Individual who identifies as having a serious mental illness and can relate to members as having been through the public behavioral health system themselves.
  • Demonstrate strong leadership and organizational skills
  • Valid Arizona Driver’s license, Driver’s license is an essential requirement for performing duties for this position with a Clean Motor Vehicle Record - no more than 2 moving violations or a license suspension in past 3 years.
  • Current 1st Aid and CPR certification
  • Proof of TB testing within the last year, required within first month of employment.