Electrical Engineer

COMPANY: Automated Pet Care Products LLC d/b/a Whisker

LOCATION: 1080 W. Entrance Drive, Auburn Hills, MI 48326

TITLE: Electrical Engineer

HOURS: Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

DUTIES: Design electrical circuits and systems from concept to product: Ideation, Project timing, Schematic design & layout, Prototype build, Test fixture design, and Production oversight.

Responsible for conducting design reviews.

Development of design verification specifications.

Perform digital and analog hardware verification in the lab and writing test reports.

Collaborate with firmware engineers: Design validation and Provide breadboards for early software functionality confirmation.

Responsible for all aspects of ensuring a quality design.

Ensure design is optimized for performance and cost.

Mentoring and supportive role to Jr. engineers.


Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, or related.

Five (5) years of required experience designing and developing digital and analog systems must include: Experience using Altium design; Embedded Systems at a very low-level; Low-Level Hardware: discreet inexpensive sensors; Low-Level Software: bare metal on MCU, CPU registers; Experience with digital and analog components and circuit design; Networks: UART, I2C, or RF; Experience with PCB CAD: Schematic, PCB Layout, and Trace Routing; Experience with Power Supplies, Meters, Oscilloscopes, or Signal Generators; and Experience with soldering and basic electronic hand tools.

ALTERNATE EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS: Employer will accept a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, or related, and Three (3) years of experience designing and developing digital and analog systems. Must have skills listed above.