Tour Crew Member (TeachKind Tours)
Fully Remote Traveling position PETA
Job Type
Full-time, Temporary

Position Objective:

To travel extensively with PETA’s Carly the Cow and Ellie the Elephant tours in order to reach elementary school students about empathy and compassion for animals

What to Expect:

PETA is seeking an outgoing crew member as a part of a youth-outreach crew taking our animatronic animal educators, Carly and Ellie, to elementary schools nationwide! Carly and Ellie bring messages of empathy and compassion for all animals to impressionable young students as part of their talks.

This is a temporary, traveling position, and you are expected to be able to travel extensively and live on the road until the completion of the tour, at which time the position will come to an end (though we may consider you for our next tour if things go well!). In addition to hourly pay, a food stipend is given to each tour crew member and hotel and travel costs are paid. 

As part of this team, you will represent PETA and deliver a compelling message against cruelty to animals to young people. At elementary schools or other public spaces, you'll lead a presentation along with Carly or Ellie, distribute literature, talk to teachers about resources from TeachKind, encourage kids to get active for animals and help provide a moving experience about animal rights.

Primary Responsibilities and Duties:

• Driving safely from stop to stop on tour

• Knowledgably performing animal rights outreach for several hours each day 

• While traveling, serve as the primary maintenance lead for Ellie or Carly, addressing any technical issues right away with the team 

• Working with other crew members on detailed administrative tasks (like expense reports, nightly reports, inventory reports) and more

• Facilitate booking and contacting schools and teachers for logistics and scheduling

• Coordinate the travel logistics for assigned tours and events

• Build connections to promote youth outreach campaign objectives

• Report on and fulfill campaign objectives such as advocacy material distribution and more

• Perform any other duties assigned by the supervisor


• Ability to travel full-time and extensively

• Extensive activism experience 

• Proven knowledge of animal rights issues and PETA campaigns

• Demonstrated willingness and ability to initiate conversations about animal rights and communicate effectively with a variety of people

• Ability to work well with people of all ages and backgrounds

• Prepared and able to commit to working outside in all weather conditions 

• Professional appearance and demeanor

• Adherence to a healthy vegan diet

• Able to lift 50 lbs. repeatedly

• Ability and willingness to drive far distances

• Ability to walk and stand for several hours at a time

• Supportive of PETA's philosophy and the ability to advocate PETA's positions on issues

• Strong verbal and written communications skills

• Problem-solving abilities and responsible judgment is a must 

• COVID-19 full vaccination and booster recommended

• Must be at least 21 years of age and have a valid U.S. driver’s license, a minimum of three years of driving experience, and a satisfactory driving record

• Commitment to the objectives of the organization


The hourly pay range for this position is $17.21 to $21.18 per hour. The ultimate hourly pay within this range that will be offered to a qualified candidate will be determined based on the candidate’s experience and the cost of living in the area in which the candidate will live and work. 

A list of benefits available to qualified employees is available here.