Line Cook
Burbank, CA, CA F & B / Kitchen
Job Type


Job Description

Position Title: Cook

Reports To: Chef/Executive Sous Chef 


Job   Function

Job functions describe the substance and most important responsibilities of the   job.

1. Administration 

· Maintain health and sanitation   standards.

· Maintain soap and sanitation buckets   at each station at all times

· Cover label and date all food   products

· Open kitchen and Close kitchen in   absence of supervisors

· Adhere to all prepared written   recipes for all menu items.

· Report out of stock items to the   supervisor

· Prepare all sauces and all dishes   for breakfast, dinner menus.

· Help set-up restaurant and employee   cafeteria buffet.

· Prepare all menu and featured items   under the Executive Chef’s direction.

· Supervise and assist dishwashers and   pantry personnel.

· Perform the duties of the Prep List   schedule.

· Maintain health and sanitation   standards.

· Prepare all dressings and cold   sauces.

· Maintain adequate supply of   desserts.

· Prepare all salads.

· Prepare all salads for buffet and   employee cafeteria.

· Assist with banquet preparation.

2. Support

· Must have a knowledge of the English   language to effectively communicate with guests, associates, and vendors.

· Ability to scrupulously follow all  StepStone and hotel policies and procedures.

· Attend required meetings.


Professionalism   and Style Expectations

These   are expected of every associate within StepStone Hospitality, Inc.

3. Personal Effectiveness

· Projects and assignments are   completed thoroughly, professionally, and with care.

· Adjusts to high-pressure conditions   and is open to change.

· Assumes responsibility for personal   growth and development.

· Conducts him\herself (acts and   dresses) professionally at all times; sets standards for all associates.


4. Communication

· Understands and communicates the   StepStone Mission and Core Values

· Expresses ideas and conveys   information clearly, effectively, and professionally.

· Actively listens to others.

· Conveys company information,   decision, or problems to appropriate parties on a timely basis.

· Works to resolve disagreements and   is respectful of peers and co-workers.


Physical Requirements


5. These are required of every associate.

· Minimum lifting of 50 pounds.

· Pushing, bending, stooping, upward   reaching, manual dexterity.

· Hearing, reading, writing.

· Minimum pulling of 50 pounds.

· Other duties may be assigned.


Additional responsibilities specific to you   are:

· Must have a comprehensive knowledge   of all hotel departments and functions.

· Must have a knowledge of applicable   Federal, state, and local health, safety, and legal regulations.

· High school education and relevant   training and experience preferred.

· CPR training and first aid training   preferred.

· Additional language ability   preferred.


Salary Description
$20 - $21