Offsite Coordinator DSP

Responsible for supervising and instructing employees in a production environment. Also, in the areas of vocational and life skills, facilitating group, individual and vocational interventions, along with assisting employees in the completion of their individualized goals and objectives.


I. Key Result Areas/ Accountabilities

  1. Supervisory

A. Supervises individuals/employees during the entirety of the program day, ensuring safety and welfare of individuals/employees as well as program effectiveness.

B. Provide personal assistance to individuals/employees including hygiene, feeding, and medicating, as needed.

C. Provides necessary transportation to and from the work location.

  1. Direct Services

A. Work directly with individuals/employees in teaching independent living, self-care, vocational skills, cognitive, and social skills.

B. Assist with the development and revision of instructional material.

C. Implement of the individualized plan of care created by the multidisciplinary treatment team.

  1. Vocational Training Specialty

A. Coordinate individual production/general labor activities with the Community Liaison to ensure requirements are being met, and that individuals/employees are meeting their program objectives.

B. Provide vocational training activities to build individual/employee confidence and skills related to preparation for competitive employment.

C. Ensure that production/general labor requirements are achieved as well as reporting individual/employee hours, productivity and pay, meeting production schedules, and work methods.

D. Ensure that the vocational environment is safe and conducive to high productivity.

E. Ensure that all completed contract work meets acceptable quality control standards.

F. Maintain all tools and equipment in proper operating condition.

  1. Case Management

A. Provide input to treatment planning process.

B. Notify supervisor or case manager of any issues or concerns.

  1. Reporting and Record Keeping

A. Complete of all required forms, documents, and reports in an accurate and timely manner. These may include, but are not limited to the following; time cards, productivity sheets, case notes, behavior data incident reports, seizure logs, objective sheets, and progress notes, accident/injury reports.

B. Maintain a thorough knowledge of individual’s goals and objectives and periodically reviewing the individual record for updated information.

  1. Safety

A. Promote agency wide Safety and Housekeeping as well as take a proactive approach to preventive maintenance and delivery of quality service.

  1. Perform specialized duties based on the primary area of programming, while maintaining flexibility and a working knowledge of other technical specializations in the event that assistance is needed in other program areas.

II. Minimum Job Qualifications

  1. Education and Experience: Bachelor degree preferred. Experience working in a service related field also preferred. Must possess a valid driver’s license, adequate automobile insurance, and meet agency insurability requirements. Preferred experience in a supervisory position.
  2. Knowledge: Must have good basic mathematical computation and English Language writing knowledge. As required by specific job requirements, must know first aid/health/safety measures, or build an acceptable competence level by post-hire training.
  3. Skills and Abilities: Adaptability and Flexibility, Teamwork, Communication (written and oral), Initiative, Judgment, Planning and Organization, and Problem Solving.
  4. Physical Demands: Must be able to bend, stoop, or stand for long periods of time, and assist in lifting various weights, including the transfer and movement of individuals,