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The Foothills Regional Housing (FRH) seeks a passionate, problem solver, who is self-motivated, driven, and an amazing team player to join its Supportive Services Team. As a Service Coordinator assumes responsibility for case management functions for Foothills Regional Housing (FRH) residents. This function includes the development of contacts with service providers and agencies for resident referrals and the ongoing case management responsibility. Educates residents on available services and monitors provisions of services. Works in conjunction with property managers and other FRH staff.





· Assists and advises residents and families of the services which may be necessary to maintain a self-reliant lifestyle.

· Promotes wellness activities for all residents.

· Educates residents, families, and staff on available community resources.

· Assists residents in building informal support networks among themselves and with family members.

· Acts as a liaison between community agencies, service providers, and residents.

· Works as a team member with the Property Manager in serving residents (follows-up on resident situations with Manager that may need supportive services).

· Encourages residents to be proactive in meeting their social and physical needs

· Facilitates meeting of needs when necessary but avoids the creation of unhealthy dependence.

· Uses the least drastic intervention necessary to alleviate a problem situation.

· Assists residents to understand lease and tenancy obligations

· The Service Coordinator must ensure all meetings with tenants are highly confidential. If there is a fear of a safety issue regarding another staff person or tenant, the Service Coordinator must report the concern to the Supervisor immediately and follow proper procedures.

· Monitors the delivery of services to residents to ensure they are appropriate, timely, and satisfactory. May also manage such services when appropriate.

· Performs service management function for all residents requesting assistance.

• Provides case management (i.e.: evaluation of social and physical needs), will develop a service plan for each client and community when such service is not being provided by the general service community.

• Educates residents on service availability, application procedures, resident's rights, etc., both individually and as a group.

• Reports all suspected abuse situations to the appropriate agency.

• Sets up volunteer support programs with service organizations in the community.

• Advocates and may negotiate on behalf of residents for adequate, timely and cost-effective provision of services.

• Meets with service providers as needed and appropriate.

• Assembles a directory of community services and makes it available to residents, families, and management.

• Assists management in identifying residents who need assistance.

• Helps with physical needs (i.e.: eyeglasses, walkers, wheelchairs, tub chairs, foot clinics, and hearing aids).


• Treats people with respect and work with integrity and professional ethics, upholding the agency's value and mission. Represents the agency in a positive, professional and ethical manner always. This specifically includes abiding by all ethical rules outlined in the Employee Handbook.

• Attend scheduled meetings with FRH leadership team and other FRH staff to discuss various items of concern and/or interest of both parties.

• Maintains the utmost confidentiality of all applicant and tenant information.

• Must be a team player and act at all times in a manner that is in the best interest of the FRH.

• Uses a time management system and other organizational tools set up by the FRH to organize tasks and manage time effectively.

• Must have the ability to work independently in a shared work environment.

• Minimal of out-of-town travel is required for occasional training seminars.

• Minimal evening or weekend work time required.

• Makes rational and appropriate decisions. Communicates clearly and professionally verbally and in writing.

• Maintains the utmost confidentiality of all applicant and tenant information.

• The Service Coordinator is NOT PERMITTED at any time to handle the client's medication. The Service Coordinator is NOT to provide support services directly or assist with other administrative work normally associated with assigned property. Additionally, the role is NOT one of an activity director; however, education programming that empowers and enhances resident independence is appropriate and encouraged. The Service Coordinator cannot provide transportation in her/his personal vehicle or an Agency vehicle. The Service Coordinator will not provide home health care services (i.e.: clean apartment, cook meals, administer medications, assist with bathing, apply medical dressings, etc.).


A bachelor’s degree of Social Work or Degree in Gerontology, Psychology or Counseling is preferable. However, individuals without a degree, but with 2 - 3 years of appropriate work experience will be considered.

• Demonstrates working knowledge of community services in the region with particular knowledge of services that are provided to the elderly and disabled.

• Knowledge in the aging process, elder services, disability services, drug and alcohol abuse and mental health issues.

• Aware of eligibility for and procedures of federal and state entitlement programs.

• Alert to legal liability issues relating to providing service coordination.

• Requires a valid Colorado Driver’s License and the ability to be insured at standard rates.

Criminal background check is required.

COVID-19 vaccine required.

Salary Description
$21.00 Hourly