Research Scientist, DNA Markers
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United Genetics Co. has been developing and selling various vegetable seed products since 1990. We specialize in processing tomato, fresh market tomato, melon, watermelon, squash, hot pepper, sweet pepper and cucumber. Throughout the years, United Genetics has successfully grown into a network of sister companies across the globe allowing us to expand our breeding programs to Turkey, Italy, Spain, Mexico, and India. We owe our fast growth and continued innovations to our highest valued products - our people. Our employees across all countries are committed to "New ideas for better seeds," ensuring our products' quality comes before profit, and being true to nature. Our efforts to become a leading seed company continues to move forward with Kagome acquiring United Genetics Seed Co. in 2016. Our merger and acquisitions further expanded the United Genetics network and gives us a greater opportunity to better serve our customers to deliver the highest quality of seeds.


The position is responsible for coordinating DNA marker activities for Quality Assurance and breeding applications. Assure and improve genetic purity of hybrids, SS, FS by communicating with research, seed production and QA department. The incumbent will make suggestions of sellable lots to the management by referring DNA purity and PGO result, oversee fingerprinting and hybridity analyses of hybrids and parents, and provide Marker Assisted Selection (MAS) to the breeders to help them fix the parents. The incumbent will also conduct basic research, including DNA marker development, improvement and/or introducing new technologies.


· Arranges hybridity and identity fingerprinting analysis by DNA marker to evaluate genetic purity of commercial, stock and foundation seeds; report results in ABS and inform colleagues.

· Investigates cause of genetic impurity and evaluated seeds purity of related production. Inform colleagues of investigation results and take correction and prevention actions.

· Coordinates DNA marker genotyping and datapoint allocation to support the global breeding programs.

· Plans and organizes DNA marker assays, including purchase of laboratory supplies and reports and/monitor of genotyping expenses to stakeholders.

· Develops strategy to improve current DNA markers and plans and develops new ones, for marker-assisted selection (MAS) internally or with support of third-party companies.

· Interacts with external biotech companies related to outsource DNA marker genotyping and projects.

· Keeps abreast of new biotechnologies and participate in external collaborations.

· Contribute to strategy development specifically on DNA marker lab expansion, development of DNA markers, and improvement of testing capacity.

· Trains and supervises research support personnel.

· Supports other R&D and QA duties as needed.


Education Level and Focus: Master’s degree in plant biology or related field; PhD preferred. Experience with molecular biology experiments and certain level of scientific knowledge in statistics/plant science/genetics and lab will be required to perform this job.

Years and Type of Related Experience Required: Minimum four years lab work and a minimum of 1-year supervisory experience.