School Nurse
Kennesaw, GA Student Services
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Northwest Classical Academy seeks a full-time School Nurse. The School Nurse is a health leader on campus and is responsible for providing health services that assist each student in achieving and/or maintaining optimal health through education, examinations, and guidance, as well as providing skilled nursing care and first aid to students, faculty, and staff. The School Nurse reports to the Director of Operations.  This position will begin in July 2023 for the 2023-2024 school year.

The responsibilities of this role include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Providing and documenting emergency and non-emergency nursing care for physically and/or psychologically ill and injured students, faculty, and staff.
  • Identifying, monitoring, and managing students with chronic disease and disabilities and documenting services provided in accordance with orders and care plan, including consulting with school administration regarding the physical environment and facility needs of students and staff requiring such accommodations.
  • Overseeing maintenance of thorough and comprehensive health-related reports and ensuring compliance with policies and regulations. 
  • Designing, implementing, and documenting health-related training for various audiences, including students, parents, and staff. 
  • Conducting physical health care assessments and screenings, including vision, hearing, dental, scoliosis, concussion and nutritional assessments. 

Qualified candidates will meet the following requirements:

  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree
  • Certifications/Licenses: Registered Nurse (RN)
  • Work Experience: Three (3) years in pediatric or school nursing preferred
  • Other: Current First Aid, AED, and CPR certification

Strong candidates will support the school’s Mission: to develop students in mind and character through a classical, content-rich curriculum that emphasizes the principles of virtuous living, traditional learning, and civic responsibility. They will have enthusiasm for the Vision: to be a nationally regarded K-12 classical school and serve as a local and national incubator for growth and promotion of classical education. And they will embody the school’s organizational values. We value

  • the tenets of classical, liberal arts education;
  • community and partnership in the common pursuit of forming intelligent, virtuous citizens;
  • excellence in teaching and learning;
  • the virtues we aim to teach our students: courage, courtesy, honesty, humility, perseverance, self-government, and service.

About Northwest Classical Academy:

Northwest Classical Academy (NCA) is a new, public charter school located in Kennesaw for grades K-9 for the 2023-2024 school year with plans to expand a grade level each year until it is K-12. All Georgia families are eligible to apply; the school is tuition-free and no entrance testing is required. The children of full-time employees have enrollment preference and would be offered a seat in the school.

Northwest Classical Academy is an equal-opportunity employer. Interested candidates should apply via the school’s career site.  For staff positions, please also attach a 300-500 word answer to how your work will contribute to fulfilling the school’s mission. For faculty positions, please attach a 300-500 word “statement of educational philosophy.”

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