Program Associate, Civic Engagement


JOB TITLE: Program Associate, Civic Engagement 

REPORTS TO: Program Director, Civic Engagement 


The Program Associate will support the Civic Engagement Program Officers. Houston Endowment’s Civic Engagement program area works to ensure that all eligible citizens in the greater Houston area are able to participate in a healthy democracy; the region remains a welcoming city in which immigrants can effectively participate in civic life by moving along the pathway to citizenship; and residents have access to effective journalism. 


The Program Associate’s role includes the following: 

• Work with Civic Engagement team to support the Foundation’s strategies. 

• Serve as a representative of the Foundation, including acting as a liaison for grantee and community meetings. Summarize information from meetings and share with Civic Engagement team. 

• Assist program staff with grantmaking processes which may include: communicating with current or prospective grantees, reviewing proposals or annual reports, performing due diligence through research, or analyzing relevant programmatic and financial information on organizations and their leadership. 

• Assist in scheduling and planning for events such as meetings, conferences, and presentations, which may include coordinating with participants, handling logistics, and preparing disseminating materials. 

• Support HEI’s grantmaking strategy by monitoring developments and synthesizing reports/briefs, memos, media, and other sources of information. 

• Prepare strategy papers, research, and other written materials for the Civic Engagement team. 

• Analyze grantee reports and update and maintain appropriate level of grantee engagement according to the risk and/or strategic significance of related investments. 

• Collaborate with Grants Management and Finance to ensure that grants are processed effectively, in a timely manner, and in full compliance with all applicable rules, regulations and internal processes.  



We believe it is both an honor and a great responsibility to work for Houston Endowment, so we are committed to our values and seek colleagues who share our commitment. 

  • High Performing: We bring our best every day so we: 
    • Hold high standards and drive for excellence
    • Challenge ourselves and show determination in pursuit of our collective goals
    • Pursue continuous improvement, even when we have achieved our intended outcomes
    • Stay curious to do our best work
  • Courageous: We know bold action matters so we: 
    • Hold an audacious vision for what we can accomplish together
    • Work proactively, take risks, and make difficult choices when necessary
    • Choose optimism, show resilience, and stay engaged in challenging situations
  • Committed: We care deeply about the organization so we: 
    • Prioritize and commit to the mission of the organization
    • Seek and act on feedback on our work, and devote energy to our own development to be at the top of our field
    • Gather diverse perspectives and expertise in service of better results
  • Connected: We care deeply about each other so we: 
    • Build relationships with one another to create a highly effective team
    • Start with trust, assume others have good intentions, and practice generosity of spirit
    • Address issues directly to resolve conflict or misunderstanding
    • Embrace inclusion and adapt as appropriate when partnering with others


• Bachelor’s degree required. 

• Three years of related work experience in immigration integration or electoral participation.

• Excellent written and oral communication skills, including the ability to make complex issues understandable and relevant to external audiences.