Doctor of Business - Adjunct Faculty - Remote
Remote Worker - N/A Competency Based Education


South College, a regional leader in Higher Education, is continuing its growth strategy both geographically and in its program offerings with a newly created Doctor of Business Administration with specializations in Accounting, Healthcare Administration, & Organizational Leadership. 

This newly approved program is designed to allow students to accelerate their doctoral journey through 6-month subscription-based terms that allows each student to progress through each course and the program as they demonstrate mastery in an accelerated format. It is a 10-course doctoral program, where every student will complete 7-course courses (including a dissertation) and 3 specialized courses in their declared specialization area.  

Am I a good fit for this role?

Yes-If you are a passionate educator, who has demonstrated success and experience mentoring doctoral students, that believes in proactive and reactive outreach to students.

Yes-If you believe in the mission and model of competency-based education and are excited about the innovative approaches South College is taking to help students achieve their dreams.

Yes-If you are committed to providing students with excellent customer service (respond to student emails within 24 hours, grade all student submissions within 3 days), providing in-depth qualitative and quantitative feedback, and are driven by student success!

Yes-If you have prior experience working at a CBE institution and/or CBE program. 

*This position will be for remote employment. 


1. Teach up to 20 doctoral students in one of the courses or specialty areas of the program.

2. Monitor curricula to ensure compliance with South College standards and other accrediting bodies.

3. Participate in course and curriculum evaluations and audits and implement recommendations as requested.

4. Mentor doctoral students in a 1 to 1 in a course setting, where the student will attempt to demonstrate their mastery over competencies through the completion of assessments.

5. Respond to all student emails and inquiries within 24 hours.

6. Evaluate/Grade all assessments within 72 hours of the student submission.

7. Provide robust qualitative and quantitative feedback on student submissions.

8. Provide proactive and reactive outreach for students via email, phone conversations, and video conferencing. Consistent and direct communication with students in a variety of modes is essential to the success of this position and to the doctoral students at South College. 


1. Substantial college teaching (5 years or more preferred) and evaluation experience in online modalities with doctoral students. 

2. Strong interpersonal and communication skills and working effectively with students and institutional staff. 

3. Ability to develop courses in competency-based education.

4. Substantial experience with learning management systems (Canvas preferred).

5. Prior experience evaluating and/or instructing in a competency-based education program.

6. Doctor of Business Administration