Physical Therapist
Job Type

New Graduates Welcome to Apply!


Employment Type: Full-Time. Work schedule M-Fr, working either 3-12’s or 4-10’s dependent on therapist preference.

Compensation: Competitive salary of $75,000 to $85,000+ (depending on experience), $2,500/year in continuing education, full benefits package


We are searching for a physical therapist to join our close-knit team at Premier Bone and Joint Centers. Our group offers numerous mentorship opportunities, fosters growth, and supports work life balance. We are looking for a team player, with an ability to connect with each patient on a 1:1 basis. Our clinic is outpatient orthopedic, but presents with a well-rounded group of practitioners—including wound specialists, vertigo specialists, occupational therapists, athletic trainers, and much more. We encourage growth and chasing your passions.

Our bright, beautiful facility was built in 2021 with a large gym, outdoor space, and lots of sunshine. We are housed in the beautiful Rocky Mountains with quick access to multiple outdoor activities. Laramie also houses the University of Wyoming, lending to access to collegiate sports and the arts. And as a bonus, Wyoming carries no state income tax!


Company Perks:

  • Competitive salary
  • Paid holidays and continuing education time
  • New employee mentorship program
  • Team approach with the physicians- they are just down the hall and have a great      deal of respect for the therapists
  • Excellent benefits package
  • Patient first approach- our patients are more than a number!
  • Professional development and growth are encouraged
  • No double booking requirements
  • Paid time off
  • Work life balance is encouraged

Premier Bone and Joint Centers has been in practice for 50 years. We house 9 physicians, 7 PT’s and 5 PTA’s. Together, our physical therapists have over 250 years combined experience.  

Job Summary:

Examines and evaluates patients/clients, establishes relevant therapy diagnoses and prognoses, and plans of care. Coordinates, directs, and administers physical therapy interventions as outlined by the American Physical Therapy Association and relevant to federal and state regulations in an effort to provide the highest quality and efficiency of patient care. Complies with documentation requirements related to this position. Enthusiastically participates in department development and education of the community.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities - Examination & Evaluation of Patient/Client:


  • Complete a comprehensive examination or screen, including history, systems review, and specific test and measures adapted according to the patient needs for all varieties of patient problems or dysfunctions.
  • Gather relevant information from medical records, patients, family, and other health professionals as needed utilizing all available software/programs.

Objective Measures

  • Demonstrates knowledge and skills necessary to perform accurate assessment of the following: functional skills (ADL), manual muscle test, range of motion (ROM), sensory evaluation, gait/posture analysis, neurological and orthopaedic status, chronic and acute pain syndromes, integumentary and cardiopulmonary systems.

Analyzes Patient Information

  • Effectively analyze patient information to make appropriate clinical judgments on the patient's specific case, creating thorough and appropriate short- and long-term goals, assigning appropriate physical therapy specific diagnoses, prognosis, and plan of care.

Evaluation Document

  • Completes a thorough, well-documented, and timely evaluation on each patient per department policy and adapts for specific patient needs.
  • Incorporates patient response into plan and treatment.

Patient Communication

  • Communicates at the level of understanding of the patient, caregiver, family, or others necessary to ensure comprehension of the current condition, realistic goals, expected outcomes, and intended interventions and their purpose based on the patient's individual socioeconomic and physical/mental status.
  • Informs patient when incorporation of a physical therapist assistant (PTA) is appropriate, the role, and expectations of a PTA use.

Physical Therapy Interventions:

Therapeutic Interventions

  • Selects appropriate and safe therapeutic interventions for the patient that provides effective and efficient progress towards the patient's goals and addresses all of the patient's needs.

Current Intervention Techniques

  • Explores and educates self on current therapeutic interventions that are supported by research and data, as well as clinical experience.
  • Readily incorporates new techniques into clinical practice.

Response to Interventions

  • Monitors for patient response to interventions and adjusts accordingly and documents thoroughly; demonstrates diligence towards consistently progressing the patient's treatment and plan of care or documents why progress is limited.

Coordinates Interventions

  • Communicates and coordinates patient interventions to ancillary personnel in a thorough manner both verbally and written to ensure smooth transition of patient between staff.
  • Communicates with office staff and patient regarding scheduling specifications and use of a physical therapist assistant in the patient's plan.

Assist Physicians

  • Assist Premier Bone & Joint Centers' physicians with patient care by appropriately fabricating custom orthoses, fitting and training patients with appropriate brace or assistive device, and providing needed triage patient care while maintaining a full patient case load.


Efficient Use of Time

  • Efficient use of time, allowing for maximum patient/therapist contact and productivity (goal of 80% per week).
  • Considers the productivity of the entire clinic by ensuring PTA's are treating and billing appropriately and in a productive manner.

Bill and Code Patient Care

  • Bill for patient care time according to department policy, State and Medicare regulations.
  • Appropriately assigns diagnosis, treatment and other codes as required by Medicare and as recommended by APTA and clinic policy.

Management of Patient Care:

Responsibility for Patient Care

  • Accept responsibility for patient care; provide care in a manner which exemplifies ethical conduct as described in the American Physical Therapy Association's Code of Ethics, including thorough coordination of patient care and patient needs to PTA, technicians, and office staff.

Alter Treatment Plans

  • Alter treatment plans when changes in patient's status or response to treatment changes, consistently progresses patient treatment, striving for advancement and independence to prevent over utilization of healthcare benefits and improve patient accountability.

Healthcare Team Collaboration

  • Communicates with physicians, Premier Bone & Joint Centers' departments, and other healthcare providers about the patient's response to treatment, recommendations, or problem-solving as required.

Patient Attendance

  • Observes, records, and documents the patient's attendance.
  • Ensures patients are attending according to plan of care and department policy.
  • Manages patient's attendance and delegates discharge of services as appropriate and per department policy

Supportive Personnel

  • Utilize supportive personnel legally in an effective and efficient manner; delegates appropriate tasks for support personnel and thorough instruction and oversight; ensures to collect information regarding the patient's response to treatment from support personnel and documents appropriately.

Patient Care Discharge

  • Provides appropriate education to patient/client about when and why to discontinue physical therapy services; works closely with PTA on patient progression towards discharge status; completes discharge documentation for all patients describing circumstances per department policy and State and Medicare regulations.

Participation in Therapy Clinic Operation & Development:


  • Assist/mentor other therapists in planning treatment programs and developing assessment and intervention skills.
  • Readily takes on students and new employees to help them feel welcomed and understand department and clinic procedures and policies.

Continuing Education

  • Participate in pertinent and high-quality continuing education with ongoing development of work-related policies, professional skills, and knowledge to remain abreast of healthcare policies and most effective and efficient patient care.
  • Enthusiastically seeks out updated skills and knowledge and attempts to do so in a manner that reduces department costs.

Staff Meetings

  • Attends and participates in Premier Bone & Joint Centers and departmental in-services and staff meetings.
  • Readily offers to educate staff on any recent continuing education experiences.

Educating Community

  • Participate in educating the community, other Premier Bone & Joint Centers' departments, and patients/clients in the role of physical therapy and physical therapy interventions outside of traditional clinic duties at least twice per year.

Information Processing:

Language Use Skills

  • Skill in language use, including reading and comprehending instructions, short correspondence, and memos, constructing correspondence, and presenting information in one-on-one, small group situations, in person and electronically.

Computer Use

  • Utilizes computer to perform department functions and appropriate communication; checks e-mail correspondence daily while at work to receive departmental communication; readily utilizes multiple software systems for patient; Does not use computers for personal tasks.

Interpersonal Skills:


  • Demonstrate compassion and caring in dealing with others, including patients, co-workers, and visitors.

Analyzing Skills

  • Analyzes situations accurately, makes decisions to bring a favorable resolution, and take effective action; seeks out help when appropriate.


  • Respond with flexibility to changing work load and/or patient assignments.
  • Readily adjust schedule to accommodate patient care.

Working Relationships

  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with physicians, co-workers and the public that harbor a friendly, yet professional interaction.
  • Demonstrate willingness to readily interact with other staff members and department.

Utilization and Quality Data

  • Ability to evaluate utilization and quality data and make necessary modifications in performance by self-monitoring productivity, helping clinic prevent overuse of healthcare benefits by providing efficient and effective patient care.

Stressful Situations

  • Able to be flexible, organized, and function under stressful situations.

Other Duties

  • Perform other duties as directed/required to ensure efficient operations of Premier Bone & Joint Centers.

Adherence to Facility/Departmental Policy:


  • Maintains a good attendance record and arrives to work punctually.


  • Able to substantiate overtime, minimizes overtime and adjusts hours as needed.

Dress Code/Identification

  • Follow dress code of the department, appear professional when present in the clinic, wear identification while on duty, and communicate name and role to patient appropriately.


  • Observe confidentiality of information in regards to patients, physicians, and fellow employees; ability to maintain confidentiality under HIPAA standards.

Safety & Infection Control Policies

  • Adhere to safety and infection control policies.

Cell Phone Use

  • Cell phone may be used for business purposes only.
  • Utilizes cell phone for personal use only during breaks or meal periods out of the public eye.

Care of Environment, Equipment & Supplies:

Clean, Neat, Safe Environment

  • Maintain a clean, neat, and safe environment for patients and staff, including personal work areas.

Inventory of Supplies

  • Notices need for new supplies or inventory and delegates accordingly or notifies the appropriate person.
  • Assists the clinic to help maintain appropriate inventory in patient care areas.


  • Utilize correct/safe technique when using equipment and notifies appropriate personnel of malfunctioning equipment per department policies.



  • Bachelor’s Physical or Occupational Therapy - Required


  • License/Registration State of Wyoming Physical Therapist - Required
  • Certification Basic Life Support for Heathcare Provider - Required
  • Registration American Physical Therapy Association - Preferred
  • *Special consideration will be given to those with training in wound care

Physical Requirements:

  • Seeing - Must be able to read patient documentation, use a computer, and visually evaluate patient during rehabilitation process - Constant
  • Hearing - Must be able to hear well enough to communicate with physicians, medical staff, physical therapy staff, administrative staff, and patients/families - Constant
  • Speaking - Must be able to verbally communicate with physicians, medical staff, physical therapy staff, administrative staff, and patients/families - Constant
  • Grasping - Must be able to write and type, to use hands and fingers to aid in patient rehabilitation, and to maneuver rehabilitation equipment - Constant
  • Bending/Crouching - Must be able to lower one's body in order to aid patients during rehabilitation program or maneuver rehabilitation equipment - Frequently
  • Standing - Frequently
  • Sitting - Frequently

Weight Demands:

  • Lifting - Must be able to lift 10 pounds or less - Frequently
  • Lifting - Must be ale to lift 11 – 75 pounds - Frequently
  • Lifting - Must be able to lift 26-50 pounds - Occasionally
  • Lifting - Must be able to lift 51 – 75 pounds - Occasionally
  • Lifting - Must be able to lift 76 or more pounds - Occasionally
  • Pushing/Pulling - Must be able to aid patient movement during rehabilitation program and maneuver rehabilitation equipment - Occasionally

Working Conditions:

Environmental Hazards

  • The fast paced environment may lead to increased levels of personal stress and demand high mental acuity.

Physical Hazards

  • Physical harm is possible when performing physical requirements, as listed above.
  • Exposure to communicable disease, bodily fluids, and/or toxic substances is possible and can be physically harmful.

Unique Work Schedule/Travel

  • May be required to work after hours, on weekends, or holidays.
  • May be required to provide services outside the clinical setting (i.e. at University or High School athletic events), or travel to offices throughout the state.

Employee Statement of Understanding:

I have read and understand the job description for my position. I am able to perform all of the essential functions of this position.

I agree to comply with the corporate compliance policy and all laws, rules, regulations and standards of conduct related to my position. As an employee, I understand my duty to report any suspected violations of the law or the standards of conduct to my immediate supervisor.

As an employee, I will strive to uphold the mission and vision of the organization. All employees are required to adhere to the values in all their interactions with patients, customers, and fellow employees.

Note: This description is intended to describe the general job duties and employment requirements for adequate job performance, and should not be interpreted as an exhaustive report. Additional duties and responsibilities may be assigned at the discretion of the employees’ supervisor.