Forestry Workforce Development Program Manager
Los Angeles
Job Type


TreePeople is an environmental nonprofit organization that mobilizes individuals, families, communities, philanthropists, and public agencies to work together to create green, resilient communities by providing education on the benefits of planting trees, capturing rainwater, greening schools, and providing fun environmental educational activities. TreePeople unites with communities to grow a greener, shadier and more water-secure region at homes, neighborhoods, schools and in the local mountains.

The Forestry Workforce Development Manager works directly with the Director of Mountain Forestry to plan, recruit, train, and manage TreePeople’s AmeriCorps and other workforce development programs, helping Mountain Forestry Program Managers achieve the goals of their restoration and reforestation programs in the Los Angeles neighboring ranges of mountains or wildland areas, while providing potential work paths for a new generation of land stewards in cooperation with TreePeople's partners and grantors.

  Main Responsibilities 

  1. Work with the Director of Mountain Forestry, Grant Manager and Human Resources to oversee all aspects of the program: Prepare, organize, recruit, assemble, onboard, train and manage cohorts of individual team members, with the goal of workforce development to meet the deliverables of the AmeriCorps program.
  2. Develop and implement a curriculum of education and certifications through internal training and partnership with educational institutions or relevant agencies.
  3. Work closely with Mountain Forestry Program Managers to support their programs with AmeriCorps field days of work, while providing education and training, and maintaining safety.
  4. Develop and implement multiple partnerships with federal, state and local agencies, community based organizations, non-profits or for-profit organizations to augment the range and diversity of experiences provided to team members.
  5. Keep records of all relevant AmeriCorps members activities, in keeping with the AmeriCorps program and California Volunteers, and with TreePeople’s finance and administration needs, including all documents for audits, changes to e-Grant platform, and monitoring timelines.
  6. Work with the Grant Manager to prepare reports and update grants.
  7. Assist Dir of Mountain Forestry and Grant Manager in identifying new funding opportunities for future workforce development programs.
  8. Collaborate with Associate Program Manager for field leadership and management.

Secondary Responsibilities

  1. Assist Mountain Forestry Program Managers in running volunteer events.
  2. Participate in volunteer engagement at events.
  3. Collaborate with Recruiting Assistant to design recruitment campaign timeframes and goals.
  4. Meet regularly with California Volunteers for updates.
  5. Coordinate with TreePeople Departments to provide additional opportunities to AmeriCorps members.
  6. Represent TreePeople at outreach and donor events.


Minimum Job Requirements and Skills

  • Knowledge of local ecosystems and habitat restoration principles
  • 2-year minimum experience of field work managing a crew
  • AmeriCorps or other workforce development participation
  • Valid California driver's license
  • Natural capacity to lead a team 
  • Skills in public speaking and public engagement
  • Available to work schedule that may include weekends

Physical Requirements

While performing the duties of this job, this position requires the capacity to lift 50 pounds, work under cold and warm weather, at high elevation sites

Salary Description
$25 - $30 per hour