Special Education Teacher

Job Purpose

The Special Education Teacher works collaboratively with the Classroom Supervisor in achieving the best possible outcomes for the students served and in creating a culture of excellence at the JCH School.  He/she contributes to student programming by working in partnership with the BCBA for IEP development and implementation, program monitoring, parent and classroom communication, and summarizing student progress for reporting purposes

Duties and Responsibilities

IEP Development and Implementation

Completes the following in collaboration with the Behavior Analyst:

• Incorporate results from appropriate annual assessment measures into IEP objectives

• Develop observable and measurable IEP objectives across the domains of communication, social skills, and behavioral excess/deficits

• Define quarterly benchmarks (as needed) and generalization and maintenance targets

• Include parent input in IEP development as identified in systematic and documented manner 

• Upon obtainment of an IEP goal, developing and implementing new goals in a timely manner

• Report student progress via individualized monthly progress reports

Daily Instruction

• Provide input into program planning and development

• Adapt curriculum relevant to students’ needs 

• Coordinate and collaborate with learners’ related service personnel as applicable

• Transport learners to other school and community settings for instruction as requested/required

Classroom Management

Completes the following in collaboration with the Behavior Analyst as appropriate:

• Provide behavioral skills training to new instructional staff

• Perform proficiency checks for instructional staff

• Provide feedback to staff regarding strengths and/or concerns on an ongoing basis

• Foster positive staff-staff relationships 

• Develop and maintain daily staff rotation schedule 

• Monitor attendance and timeliness of classroom’s instructional staff

• Communicate and monitor classrooms jobs/chores


Parent Communication

Completes the following in collaboration with the Behavior Analyst:

• Answer child specific questions on a daily basis and share information with the team

• Notify parent of student injury or illness

• Schedule progress report reviews, observations, and any other parent visits

• Respond to all parent communication within a timely manner (e.g., returns phone calls, responds to e-mails)

• Foster positive staff-parent relations and good home-school communication

Student Assessment

• Lead/conduct evaluations for annual reviews

• Coordinate and lead process for statewide and/or alternative portfolio assessment

Position Type

This is a full-time position.  The position involves working with students who exhibit challenging and/or aggressive behavior and participation in community outings.  

Direct Reports

This position supervises JCH Behavior Technicians.



• A bachelor’s degree in Education, Psychology, Applied Behavior Analysis or related field required

• Valid Virginia Special Education Teaching license (adapted curriculum K-12 or with an endorsement in a specific disability area) required

• Valid driver’s license required

• One year of experience in the instruction of individuals with autism using the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) preferred