Maintenance Specialist
Job Type

Job Summary:

As a full time Industrial Maintenance Technician, you will work hands-on with robotics, manufacturing machinery and help with process improvements. The industrial maintenance technician is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of all production manufacturing machinery to include troubleshooting and completion of required preventive maintenance. 


Essential Functions of Position:

· Install, inspect and maintain machines and electrical equipment and carry out preventive maintenance to ensure that industrial machines remain operational.

· Maintain all company equipment in top working condition by scheduling all repairs, keeping up on recommended maintenance and diagnosing any issues that appear.

· Review quality standards of each product to make sure there are no problems; test all materials extensively to analyze how each item meets the standard.

· Make recommendations to company leaders to have the best use of production timelines, equipment and supplies; give details about what the company’s manufacturing goals should be in the months or years ahead.

· Summarize all data, documentation and information related to the production system in a detailed report for internal use.

· Act as a Liaison with a team of machinery operators, managers and product developers to ensure everyone is contributing to the common goal. 

· Develop alternative methods of making manufacturing practices more efficient and cost effective; look at space constraints, material requirements and current needs in order to improve.

Minimum Qualifications:

· Ability to operate machinery and technical equipment.

· In-depth knowledge of system maintenance

· Ability to lift and move heavy equipment.

· Familiarity with safety standards and regulations

Preferred Qualifications:

· Associates degree in mechanical engineering or similar field or related certifications

· 3 years’ experience working as a maintenance technician.

· 2 or more years working in a large corporate manufacturing plant.

· Knowledge of computer design and engineering software

· Excellent attention to detail and time management

· Ability to provide feedback both orally and in writing.

Physical Requirements: 

· Ability to stand and/or walk for up to 8 hours per day.

· Occasional lifting, carrying, and maneuvering up to 50 pounds. 

· Ability to climb ladders, stairs, and platforms for elevated work.

· Walking, bending, squatting, kneeling, balancing, stooping, lying down inside or under vessel and twisting while performing required job tasks.

· Comfortable in chemically Hazardous Situations.

· Being mindful of chemical safety and use proper PPE when required. 

Salary Description
$20 - $40 per hour