Senior Construction Manager
Job Type


The success of completing construction phases of complex project lies within the abilities of the 

Construction Manager. Working in cooperation with others throughout the company, as well as with 

teaming advisors and local agencies, the Construction Manager is accountable for coordination of 

all components of construction phases, satisfaction of the quality of the final deliverable, as 

well as client satisfaction of communication throughout the project. This position is key to making 

the built environment possible, which is our company mission.


•  Positively represent the client to construction contractors, funding agencies, and community stakeholders

•  Oversee coordination of resources to assure schedules and targets are met. Monitor and coordinate project scope, schedules, 

   and budgets to reflect the state of project activities and achievement of clients’ expectations.

•  Meet with construction schedulers and cost estimators to assure on-time delivery of construction scope

•  Communicate any changes in scope, deadlines, or costs to project manager or client as appropriate

•  Maintain continuous communication on project status with clients and all relevant internal and external stakeholders

•  Anticipate client, business, and community issues and influence stakeholder attention to them

•  Monitor project performance and correct performance gaps

•  Maintain and preserve all project documents (reports, maps, notes, schedules, budgets, contracts, correspondence, etc.) required 

   for properly tracking and completing the project and establishing the project record.

•  Assure that all communication regarding change in scope, cost, etc. are documented in writing

•  Build organizational relationships; understand the roles and interrelationships of all partners; foster teamwork within and across 

   departments; and cultivate a strong, diverse network or relationships inside and outside the firm.

•  Visit construction sites to monitor progress and other duties per the contract documents

•  Occasional assistance in marketing with tasks including but not limited to proposal writing, attending association or client 

  networking opportunities, making presentations to prospective clients, and meeting other necessary business development needs

•  Other duties as assigned or as needed in order to successfully complete project deliverables or meet internal goals.



• Coursework in civil or mechanical engineering, construction management, or related field, with Bachelors/Master’s Degree 


• Familiarity with appropriate national and local construction standards, practices, and requirements


• Demonstrated business management skills including developing, analyzing, managing, and meeting budgets and schedules

• Extensive experience in alliance management and business development

Salary Description
$110,000 - $135,000