Outreach Program Worker- Community Based Intensive Care


Tides Family Services is a nonprofit organization that is committed to providing comprehensive

support and resources to children, adolescents, and families facing various challenges. The

overall mission of Tides is to provide services and supports that allow youth to live in a

community-based setting. An "Agency Without Walls" our services are delivered in homes,

communities, schools...wherever our youth are.

Tides Family Services (TFS), in partnership with Community Care Alliance (CCA) and Child and Family

Services (CFS), is recruiting for a new multi-disciplinary program serving high-risk youth. CCA, TFS, and CFS have all adopted a systemic approach to providing trauma-informed care ensuring that all clients who encounter the agencies receive services that are sensitive to the impact of trauma.

We are immediately hiring for a grant funded Outreach Program Worker for the Community Based Intensive Care (CBIC) Program.

The  Outreach Program Worker:

  • Rapidly meets with referred youth, and develops a trusting, supportive relationship.
  • Utilizes Positive Youth Development principles and trauma informed approaches in establishing rapport and engagnet with youth.
  • Timely conducts youth development and life skills assessments with youth and, as appropriate, youth's caretakers.
  • Works with youth to identify current and historical pro-social adult relationships. Identifies prospective mentors and ongoing supportive relationships, maximizing youth's social support connections
  • Works with youth to enhance relationships with immediate and extended family, including fictive kin, to enhance a sense of belonging
  • Promotes program practices that enhance pe1manency options for youth-including family/kinship connections, celebrations of achievements, enhancing mentor relationships, etc.
  • Helps motivate youth for participation in vocational/ career support and :financial literacy.
  • Accompanies youth to CAP youth centers for introduction and tours of services offered.
  • Facilitates and monitors youth participation in vocational training and preparation, financial literacy classes/workshops. Helps youth remain engaged and participating in classes, workshops, and offerings.
  • Keeps accurate records for each participant, tracking eligibility for financial stipends, funds received, and funds placed in asset matched savings account
  • Recommends to Program Director disbursement of funds to youth in accordance with program guidelines
  • Help the client develop and maintain independent living skills
  • Provide formal life skills instruction.
  • Assists youth and caretakers in monitoring medical and dental needs and appointments.
  • Assist client in obtaining and maintaining employment, acting as liaison with employer when necessary
  • Advocate on behalf of the client with community agencies, schools, employers, landlords, state agencies, courts, etc
  • Provide crisis intervention.
  • Link the client to community supports, performs all other related case management services
  • Provide transportation
  • Be on-call to program clients.
  • Maintain all documentation to the highest professional licensing standard.
  • Attend weekly individual supervision, staff meetings, service planning, and any other required meetings.
  • Maintains functional communication device at all times when transporting clients
  • Other duties as may be assigned in support of the program's mission.

 Salary Description $37,500-$47,000



  • BA/BS in Human Services related field preferred. (Degree may be waived in cases at the discretion of the agency with the approval of funding sources.)
  • Work experience with DCYF involved youth and families, provider community and/or related service providers. 
  • Valid Driver's license, vehicle registration, insurance and reliable transportation. 


The requirements listed above are representative of the knowledge, skills, and/or abilities required to satisfactorily perform essential duties. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.  All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, marital status, national origin, or disability. Tides Family Services is an equal Opportunity employer.