Software Engineer Co-Op- Prebuilts/Adapters

Itential is searching for a Cloud Engineer who wants to take the next step in their career and enter the

growing world of network automation. We provide powerful network automation software to companies

worldwide, from Fortune 500 telecommunications and financial services companies, to enterprises of all

sizes. We are committed to building world-class products that accelerate the move toward software-

driven networks and next generation, agile network operations. Our corporate headquarters are in

Atlanta with offices in the UK and we are growing fast!

Job Summary 

Itential is looking for software engineering co-ops that want to develop their skills in an

enterprise software development environment. Co-ops that join the Itential will begin their

career with a team dedicated to delivering modern automation software to

enterprise customers and continuously learn what it takes to run a successful development

project. A typical co-op rotation will likely encompass the following:

• 1st Rotation: Process mapping, documentation, and bug fixes for Delivery Projects or

Product Applications

• 2nd Rotation: Bug fixes and implementation support alongside Delivery Support or

Product team members

• 3rd/4th Rotation: Direct development in support of active projects and products

Our solution is a MERN-stack platform that allows our engineers and our customers to

develop applications that automate large-scale IT networks. You will use JavaScript and full-

stack development skills to design and develop new applications, features, and bug fixes

within an Agile team focused on delivering customer requirements.

We expect our collaborative environment to challenge you with some of the hardest

problems our customers are facing. You will work with a team of dedicated developers who

are fully invested in making the Itential Automation Platform (IAP) the market leader in our

industry. Our Agile mindset is key to delivering the most value to our colleagues and clients.

We are a diverse group that values innovative thinking, and we believe that a willingness to

learn is our key to success.

What You Will Learn:

• Development skills in the MEAN-stack

• Consumption and creation of APIs

• Networking concepts at all layers of the OSI model

• Next-generation Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization

• Agile Software Development Methodology