Field Service Technician


As a Field Service Technician for Agrify, you are responsible for executing all processes in production while strictly adhering to cGMP, environmental health and safety guidelines and any other related regulations which could apply. You are expected to fully participate in both departmental projects and any quality working teams which may be applicable. 

In this role, you will initiate new documents for procedures, which are simple in nature, and may also make minor revisions to existing documents and SOPs. You will troubleshoot simple existing procedures and demonstrate procedures as a part of a training session and may schedule department or process activities which could involve coworkers or customers.




· Field service for Agrify software and hardware 

· Provide support for VFU installation, start-up, and commissioning/technical support

· Educate and train employees on the specific types of tools and platforms used to properly maintain, service, and repair equipment manufactured or supplied by Agrify

· Effectively work with clients, operators, and colleagues on projects, troubleshooting and problem solving, delivering, and explaining various plans of action or service-related matters while adhering to state specific cannabis regulations

· Maintain and update SOPs and documentation on all service-related processes related to training, education, and equipment operation

· Maintain accurate records for the preventative maintenance program for all building-systems and equipment

· Conduct regular inspections of equipment and building-systems to ensure efficient operation

· Maintain parts inventory at client facilities to minimize down time and expedite repairs

· Maintain records of all service, maintenance, and repair activities

· Maintain relationships with manufacturers, vendors, contractors, and outside service providers

· Maintain compliance and all regulatory requirements before entering a cannabis facility

· Instruct customers on-site in machine operation, safety, and maintenance

· Train new employees and customers on VFU service and best practices

· Execute troubleshooting process problems and responding to alarms

· Participate on continuous improvement teams

· Up to 50% domestic travel

· Perform other duties as assigned and/or added to the job description

Skills & Qualifications

· Bachelor’s degree in electrical or mechanical engineering preferred; or

High School Diploma plus 5 years of experience in electrical or mechanical acceptable 

· Knowledge of HVAC, plumbing, electrical (low and high volt), and mechanical systems 

· Basic experience with industrial equipment comprising of fluid systems, low and high volt electrical systems, as well as PLC or other logic-controlled methods preferred.

· Special Skills: Electrical diagnostics, hydraulics, pneumatics

· Understanding of PLC logic and CNC systems will be beneficial

· Knowledge of Microsoft Office, Google, and other project management software

· Strong communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills 

· Ability to manage multiple projects and prioritize tasks effectively

· Must be able to pass the necessary background checks when applicable, state by state for agent cards

· Must have a valid state issued driver’s license 

· Weekly domestic travel and must be available evenings and weekends as needed

· Must be able to travel to a facility within 24 hours of notice, when necessary

Physical Demands and Working Conditions

This position requires someone to consistently manage equipment and ancillary infrastructure that are used to maintain plants, processes, and people, while working in a fast-paced work environment and continually meeting deadlines. In this role you will handle detailed reports and processes, balances multiple tasks concurrently, and make frequent decisions to prevent cultivation problems. You will occasionally be tasked with manual labor activities requiring the full range of body mobility to include jobsite activities, working in warm humid environments, and the ability to lift a minimum of 50 lbs. of weight. You will need to demonstrate proper ergonomic form and posture, follow all OSHA guidelines and requirements while on site to ensure a safe workplace, and overall be a durable employee with respect to supporting the Service team’s assigned tasks.


Most domestic travel will be done during the work week; overnight stays are to be expected. There may also be limited long-distance travel and weekend travel necessary to support facilities and fulfil the duties and the objectives of the service team. Other events such as a client operator on-site, conference attendance, professional development workshops, and/or emergency supply trips could also require overnight and/or weekends travel.